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Magnatune Downtempo playlist
(all CDs for sale at magnatune.com)
Track 1: Ashwan/Lisa Benedictis "Bellow" (from the CD "Mixter One")
Track 2: Dr. Kuch | "Oui Moisseur Chiubelle" from the CD "Analog Disease")
Track 3: Artemis | "Fountain of Life" (from the CD "Gravity")
Track 4: Ammonite | "Sunset" (from the CD"Reconnection")
Track 5: Trancevision | "Alpha" (from the album "Lemuria")
Track 6: Lizzi | "Gone" (from the album "Love and You and I")
Track 7: Mr. Epic | "Ruff and Tumble" (from the album "Sideways")
Track 8: Etherfysh | "Orange" (from the album "Box of Fysh")
Track 9: Curl | "Choice" (from the album "Ultimate Station")
Track 10: Stargarden | "Termoli" (from the album "Music for Modern Listening")
Track 11: Mr Gelatine | "Krysnamushrooms" (from the album "Electroluv")

Magnatune downtempo episode

originally released in Spring 2006

AAC file (enhanced iTunes version)

This is one of the most popular episodes in the series, even though it's older. These tracks come from downtempo/chillout compilations that I compiled for magnatune.com: "Downtempo Chill 1 and 2," "After Dinner Lounge," and "Power Synths." Features 11 tracks from 11 different artists, including Artemis, Curl
, Etherfysh, and Lizzi.

I finally remade this podcast with an AAC version so that you can see the artists' album covers in iTunes or on your iPod. Right-click the link to download it.

Open a bottle of wine, put your feet up, and chill out.

Support Magnatune!!


(all tracks provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network)

Track 1: The Warheads "Dirty Water"
Track 2: Steffan Coonan "E in Space"
Track 3: Maïdo Project "Down"
Track 4: Christophe Goze "Dream"
Track 5: Briareus "Le Semeur"
Track 6: Gum "Sun Splits the Sky"
Track 7: After Touch "Tortured Smile"
Track 8: UGene "Mystery"
Track 9: CompI33t "Calculated Emptiness"
Track 10: DJ Eric Ill "Gut Feeling (instrumental)"

Downtempo 03

originally released in Summer 2006

AAC enhanced version (shows artist info, iTunes version), remade from original 2006 "rookie" broadcast. Right-click to download.
.mp3 version (just music, no graphics and links—for Linux users and others)

Features 10 chilled tracks from 10 independent artists — all music on this episode provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network (music.podshow.com).

Featured artists include the Warheads, Briareus and DJ Eric Ill, all from the USA, UGene from the Russian Federation, Compl33t from South Africa, and the Maïdo Project and Christophe Goze, both from France, Steffan Coonan from Ireland, and After Touch and Gum, both from the UK. The podcast starts out very low-key, picks up the pace just a bit, and then relaxes you gently.

NOTE: This episode was re-tweaked in the summer of 2007 for the following: an enhanced AAC version that includes artist images, song titles, and links when you download it and play it in iTunes (or on your iPod). In addition, I made a few equalizer corrections to reduce some of the weird bass artifacts in some of the music tracks. It's still not perfect, but a new mp3 file was uploaded in July, 2007, along with the AAC.


Track 1: The Mellow Dramas, "Together" (with Kieser.Velten)
Track 2: UpSurge!, "S.K.I.N." vocal by Zigi Lowenberg
Track 3: Arthur Loves Plastic "Bright Side"

Track 4: Pulsar Bleu, "A.T.H.E.(Attributable to Human Error)"
Track 5: Kalahari Surfers, "Versatile Flying Objects"
Track 6: Dreamfresh, "Yousleepwhenyouareawake"
Track 7: Steffan Coonan, "I'm Sorry"

Downtempo Podcast 04

Seven great tracks, five of them provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network, plus two more indie tracks. Introducing the spoken-word ensemble, UpSurge! with a track from their album, Chromatology and a track from Germany's Pulsar Bleu.

Please support indie artists and labels by buying their CDs!!


Track 1:
The Svengali Project, "Halfway Inn"

Track 2:
Bitstream Dream, "Lovemeleaveme""

Track 3:
Broken Sleep, "Down "

Track 4:
Kristin Mainhart, "Blind"

Track 5:
mellow dramas
, "Inside Out"

Track 6:
Budha Building
, "Theatrical Trailer"

Track 7:
Kalahari Surfers
, "The Secrecy of Science"

Track 8:
General Fuzz, "Smiling Perspective"

Track 9:

Track 10,
, "Lies"

Track 11,
Vim Cortez
, 3.

Steffan Coonan, "The Shadows"

Downtempo Podcast 05

Eleven downtempo and trip-hop tracks. All podcast-friendly music from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.

Sit back and chill out....features some great, trip-hoppy vocals from Bitstream Dream, Broken Sleep, Kristin Mainhart, and the mellow dramas, and some heavy grooves from The Svengali Project, gROUSe, and more.

Downtempo artists...submit your tracks for a future podcast!

search podfeed.net



TRAck 1:
Briareus, "Descent of man," from the album "Still the Yeti"
Williamson, "Rubber," from the album "A Few things to Hear Before We All Blow Up"
Yongen, "Rise," from the album "Yello Haus"
Plunkett, "Just Rise," from the album "14 Days"
Christophe Goze, "Red, Green, and Blues" from the album "Turning Inside" (available from the iTunes online store)
Justin Bianco, "Thick Skin," from the album "Finality"
Mister Fusty, "Temple Bruer" from the album "Honest Blundering" (available at the iTunes online store)
Burning Babylon, "Echoes of Dub," from the album "Knives to the Treble"
Hoxman, "I Come from Nowhere" from the album "Synthesis of Five"
_ghost, "Surreal in Vienna" from ccMixter. See his page on MySpace.
Budha Building, "Fundament," from the album "Numerous Examples and Tutorials"
Slot Car Racers, "Continental Drifting," from the album "I'll Be Home by Six!" (available at the iTunes online store)

Downtempo Podcast 06 (.mp3)
AAC version (iTunes .m4a file, shows album covers and artist names)

Twelve eclectic downtempo tracks, with a few guitars here and there and more vocals than in my previous podcasts.

Featured artists are: Briareus, Williamson, Yongen, Plunkett, Christophe Goze, Justin Bianco, Mister Fusty, Burning Babylon, Hoxman, _ghost, Budha Building, and Slot Car Racers.

Many thanks to all the artists who contacted me and shared their tracks—it's great to meet you. Please use the links to visit their web sites and learn more about them.

And also a huge THANK YOU once again to Magnatune, the Podshow Podsafe Music Network, and ccMixter for giving access to podcasters for this great music.

Artists: if you think your downtempo tracks will fit in one of my future podcasts, contact me.





Track 1:
Evolve, "Bushwacked," from the album "Happy Hour in the Gene Pool," available from the iTunes store and CDBABY.com
TRAck 2
aphilas, "Lifelong Fiction," from the "Instrumentally Ill" EP
Sofia Rueda, "Traveling," from "Traveling" —see archives.org or audio:808 netlabel
track 4
Oveloe, "Transistor Love," from the EP "Maddi"
track 5
Briareus remix (featuring bobbi), "Pick a Scene," remix of the original / ccMixter
track 6
JCRZ, "Cool Blue," from the album "Kind of Music"
track 7
Vate, "Por debajo del agua," from the CD "Volk"
track 8
Briareus, "Mythos," from the album "Archetypal Desert"
track 9
genox, "lovely japanese and du spam," from "selected works 01 -02"
track 10
Disciples of Ageema Blues, "All Times by Music"


Downtempo Podcast 07
AAC (enhanced, iTunes) version

This podcast kicks off with a great track from some artists known as "Evolve," who released an album called "Happy Hour in the Gene Pool." Check them out at iTunes or CDBaby and please support them by buying their music. Thank you, Evolve, for letting me put one of your tracks in this podcast!

Following Evolve comes nine more tracks from electronica artists who share their music online -- at sites like mono211.com, archive.org (the Internet Archive), and Jamendo.com -- using a Creative Commons license ("some rights reserved"). This means that it's OK to play their tracks online in their entirety as long as I'm not using it for commercial reasons. Please visit Creative Commons and learn about this organization if you care about the future of internet radio and podcasts and independent music in general....they're doing very important work in this area.

The tracks range from melodic, chilled grooves to soulful, remixed vocals, to a modern electronic-bossa feeling. Artists are as follows: Evolve, Aphilas, Sofia Rueda, Oveloe, JCRZ, Vate, Briareus, genox, and Disciples of Ageema.

And remember, I do answer your emails and I listen to your submissions, so contact me!


Playlist, podcast 8:

Track 1
Electrix, "When pluto plays ping pong." An online listeners favorite.Please check out Electrix's website for news on his upcoming album, "On the Rhodes."
track 2
Zico, "Hope." Zico, time for an album.
Track 3
Karmacoda, "Firefly" (NOTE: Karmacoda has several albums for sale on iTunes and CDBaby. They have a new album out, "Illuminate." Please give them your support.
The Warheads, "Broken Spell"
Mixro/Code, "Talk to Music," with samples from DJ Vadim. Many thanks to ccMixter.org.
micropixie, "Alice in Stevie Wonderland." Please support micropixie by previewing and buying or her album at iTunes or at CDBaby.com -- andhear her music on micropixie's MySpace page.
JCRZ, "La Tristesse Digitale," from the album "Kind of Music," available at Jamendo.com
Vate, "Aeronautica 1," from the album "Aeronautica y outras technologias," available at Jamendo.com
genox, with "Trafficlights," from his newest release "Slowly Fading Colors," which you can download from his website

Downtempo Podcast 08

AAC version (iTunes enhanced, with album art)
mp3 version

As always, I'm exploring the web, looking for great downtempo, trip hop, and electro-jazzy tracks for these podcasts. And thanks to Andreas of XtraChill (another great podcast!), I've gotten to know two new artists — Electrix in Germany, and Zico in Poland —whom I've included in this episode.

This podcast starts out slow and chilled, gets a bit funky at times, and then picks up a few bpm near the end. I've returned back to some of my favorite artists again, too: Vate, genox, JCRZ, and the Warheads.

And two more artists from San Francisco are featured here: Karmacoda, a track that's available on archive.org..... and micropixie, a super-cool world citizen (Bombay, London, Paris, and SF) who has an album, "Alice in Stevie Wonderland," available through the iTunes store and on CDBaby.com. Please support her by buying her tracks or her album online!

And finally, I can't help but to listen in on what the remixers are doing at ccMixter....this episode of Expand Your Musical Horizons features a remixer who used DJ Vadim samples (with his permission, of course), and who goes alternately by the name of "Code" and "Mixro."

As always, thanks to the Podshow Podsafe Music Network, ccMixter, Creative Commons, and the artists who give me permission to promote their tracks.

Enjoy the ride!

Please check out my friends at the XtraChill podcast!


Playlist, podcast 9:

Track 1:
Cargo Cult, "Re-Entry," from the album "Vibrant," available @ magnatune.com

Track 2:
Koan, "Forgotten Path," from the EP "Fulfilled Wish," available from the Sun Station netlabel.

Track 3:
Wade, "Pozitivli Tuned Up," from the album "Midnight Soundz," available from Jamendo.com

Track 4:
Kadang, "Maktub," from the EP "Mount Point," available from the netlabel Sun Station.

Track 5:
Phundamental, "Hello There," from the compilation, "Petits Fours," from the netlabel Phonocake.

Track 6:
Zico, "Kiss." No album yet that I know of...zico?

Track 7:
Domased, "Long Journey," from the album "Slowdown," available for sale at Magnatune.com.

Track 8:
olo, "On Mars by Bike," from the album "Sosnowiec-Texas," available on Jamendo.com.

Track 9:
Modul, "Causa Sui," from the compilation "Petits Fours," from the netlabel Phonocake.

Downtempo Podcast 09 - the Eastern Europe/Russian Federation episode

AAC/m4a version (iTunes enhanced version)
mp3 version

This episode focuses on the incredible talent of a few artists who live in Russia, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Poland...with a heavy emphasis on the ambient side of downtempo, and finishing with a hint of IDM. Featuring lush synths, sophisticated beats and orchestration, and some deliciously quiet moments, the featured artists on this podcast are: Cargo Cult (Slovakia), Koan (Russian Federation), Wade (Poland), Kadang (Russian Federation), Phundamental (Lithuania), Zico (Poland), Domased (Slovakia), Olo (Poland), and Modul (Russian Federation).

I'd like to thank Magnatune.com, Sun Station (netlabel), Jamendo.com, Phonocake (netlabel), Creative Commons, libre.org, and most importantly, the artists themselves for making this music available on the internet!

If you're a musician in the eastern parts of Europe and you'd like to be included in a future podcast, contact me....

playlist, podcast 10:

Track 1:
Koan, "Fulfilled Wish," from the Fulfilled Wish EP from the Sun Station netlabel

Track 2:
Confused Man, "Rubin," from the Sofasound Mixtape 1 compilation from Sofasound.de

Track 3:
Kadang, "Mount Point," title track from the Mount Point EP, Sun Station records, Russian Federation

Track 4:
Winston Giles Orchestra, "Theme From 'Burning Winchesters'"

Track 5:
Redzone, "Crime of Passion," from their album "Modified"

Track 6:
Calm Be, "Breathing," from their album "impressions," at Sofasound.de

Track 7:
Phundamental, "Eating Kittens," from his EP, "Awakening of the Bit Dragons" from Phonocake records

Track 8:
Sumergido, "Clima," from his album "Levemente," from Yuki Yaki records

Track 9:
Aligning Minds, "Just a Glimpse," from the compilation "Soundtrack for your Wedding," from Aerotone Records

Track 10:
Effect Unit, "Bong Slowly," many thanks to the Podsafe Music Network.

Downtempo Podcast 10

AAC file (iTunes version, with album art)
.mp3 version

Who can resist the sophisticated eastern flavor of the opening track from Koan? If you're a fan of psy-ambient music, you probably already know them from compilations like "Floating Point" [Sofa Beats records], but thanks to netlabel Sun Station and to a Creative Commons license, they're here in this podcast for your listening pleasure.

Following Koan is the amazing Confused Man, also known as Dirk Beppelring, from Germany's netlabel Sofasound. Then...another track from Kadang, who was featured in my Eastern Europe podcast, and is back again.

Many thanks to Playup Music for contacting me on behalf of the Winston Giles Orchestra...I hope all of you enjoy their track ("Theme from Burning Winchesters") as much as I do. I first heard them on the XtraChill podcast. And thanks, too, to Redzone....amazing first and Second Life digital artists who have a track included here.

Following them is even more aural pleasure: Calm Be from Germany's Sofasound netlabel, Phundamental from the very cool Phonocake netlabel (thanks, Sven!), Sumergido from the Yuki Yaki netlabel, Aligning Minds from the Aerotone netlabel, and finally, Effect Unit (also known as Marcell Marias) —thanks to the Podsafe Music Network.

As always, please give your support to independent musicians and netlabels!


playlist, podcast 11:

Andreas Schneider, XtraChill

Track 1:
Undo Silence, "Stop the Time," from the "Stop the Time" EP
Track 2:
Confused Man, "Koon-po-ha, from the album "Floating," on the Sofasound netlabel.
Track 3:
Electrix, "Berlin Am Meer," from the album "On the Rhodes"
Track 4:
Calm Be, "Undertone," from "Impressions," Sofasound netlabel.
Track 5:
Ambrish, "Deserted," thanks to the Podsafe Music Network.
Track 6:
Cantaloup, "Tahiti Twins," from "Tonight it Shows," on the Aerotone netlabel.
Track 7:
Dorntec, "Tampi," from the "Reverse Engineering" EP on the netlabel Acedia Music.
Track 8:
DJ Ax, "Twentyfour," from the album "soulbeatz," thanks to the Podsafe Music Network.
Track 9:
Echofloat, "Remphase," "Rapid Eye Movement." Also see the Uptrax site.
Track 10:
Spheric Lounge, "Tyrell," thanks to the Podsafe Music Network.
Track 11:
Alec Troniq , "Take a Ride," from the "Phoke 25" release on the Phonocake netlabel.

Downtempo Podcast 11
The Germany Episode

AAC (Enhanced iTunes podcast, with hyperlinks)
.mp3 version

It's only logical. Germany is the center of some of the most innovative downtempo and electronic music on the planet. So it's about time Expand Your Musical Horizons did a podcast to showcase some of the best German artists and netlabels. And here to give some expert advice is Andreas Schneider of XtraChill.

It was hard to keep this podcast short, to just an hour, but you're in for a treat. Starting out is Undo Silence from Hamburg, followed by Confused Man, who releases his music on the netlabel Sofasound. Then Electrix is back with "Berlin Am Meer, " from his album "On the Rhodes." With track 4, you'll enjoy some trip-hop from another Sofasound artist, Calm Be, and then relax to a lovely world-fusion track from Ambrish, from Köln. Next is Cantaloup from Marburg, with a gentle, dreamy track from his album on Aerotone Records. Then we move from gentle to edgy with Dorntec, with a trip-hop/glitch-hop track from his album on Acedia Music, a netlabel. DJ Ax comes next, with an inventive electronic track that fuses classical with electronica.

Echofloat from Münster follows next, with a lovely chilled-out track that Andreas recommends. Then comes the ambient bliss of Spheric Lounge, an improvisational group that performs live from München. And finally we have alec troniq from Dresden, featuring a track he released with Phonocake records.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the eclectic mix...

playlist, podcast 12:

Track 1:
Confused Man, "Peace and Confusion," from the album "Floating," on the Sofasound netlabel.
Track 2:
Madstyle, "Aurigea Dream," from the Chillusion EP, Phonocake netlabel
Track 3:
Spinmeister (remixer), "Natchoongi-Karachi Radio Mix (featuring Salman Ahmad)," from ccMixter
Track 4:
Peacespeakers, "It's all the same," from their album, "Message from Planet Earth," on the Sojus Records netlabel
Track 5:
Sawtooth (remixer), "Tubularity /Birth," ccMixter.
Track 6:
Superbus, "Mazz," from "Debut LP," on the Sojus Records netlabel
Track 7:
DS-ARt, "Next Plane," from album "Tiger Blue" on the netlabel sofasound.de
Track 8:
dsy (remixer), "Humato, featuring Kathrin DeBoer," ccMixter
Track 9:
cdk (remixer), "Madrugada, CDK mix (featuring zone)," ccMixter
Track 10:
Pendle, "Caffeine Low," mono211 (or internet archives)
Track 11:
Pipe Choir, "The Whisper"
Track 12:
Mister Fusty: "Perpetual Spinach," from his new album, "Sparkle Darkly," available on iTunes

outro music by DJ Cary


Downtempo Podcast 12

AAC (iTunes, enhanced version)
MP3 version

This episode features more great tracks from independent artists who release their music online. In addition, several remixers who share their work on ccMixter are featured here: remixers who go by the names of Spinmeister, Sawtooth, dsy, and cdk. These tracks are stunning: don't miss them!

If you've been enjoying some earlier episodes of Expand Your Musical Horizons, you'll see some familiar names: Confused Man and Mister Fusty.

Enjoy some artists who are new to this podcast: the soaring orchestral ambiance of Pipe Choir, the dreamy chillout of Madstyle, the pop-infused chill from Peacespeakers, the jazzy groove of Superbus, and the trip-hoppy beat of DS-ARt.

You'll also hear about now-familiar netlabels like Phonocake, mono211, and Sofasound, and you'll get introduced to another netlabel here: Sojus Records in Hungary.

playlist, podcast 13:

track 1:
Soundshifter, "Motion Dub," from the Soundshifter EP, Sofasound netlabel

Track 2:
Superbus, "One Version (album version)," from the Debut LP, Sojus Records netlabel

Track 3:
JCRZ, "Return to Monument Valley," from "Kind of Music," jamendo.com

Track 4:
Peacespeakers, "In the End," from the album "Message from Planet Earth," Sojus Records netlabel

Track 5:
Liquid Zen, "Dense Properties," from "Oscilloscope," magnatune.com

Track 6:
Madstyle, "Gendankenwelt," from "Mystic Beauty," Phonocake netlabel

Track 6:
Sonmi 451, "Quiet Piece for Bram," from "the Quiet EP," mono211.com

Track 7:
Fromuz, excerpt from "Dual Ad Libitum," from a live performance on their DVD, "Audio Diplomacy," 10T Records

Downtempo Podcast 13

AAC (iTunes) version
MP3 version

This podcast starts you out with some floating synths and an ambient beat, featuring Soundshifter from Germany. It takes you on a journey that's melodic, electronic, and relaxing, getting more ambient as it progresses. It ends with a sample of a live, improvisational tabla-infused performance of Fromuz, from Uzbekistan.

Featured artists, in order, include some of my favorites: Soundshifter, Superbus, JCRZ, Peacespeakers, Liquid Zen, Madstyle, Sonmi 451, and Fromuz. Enjoy the ride....

And support the artists whenever you can!

playlist, maido project interview:

track 1:
Galatasaray (remix)

track 2:
Hey Pete

Track 3:
I Know Now

Track 4:
Jungle Beat

Track 5:

Buy at fnac
or iTunes


Special Interview with Pierre Baillot of The Maïdo Project
recorded in Paris, August 2007 — mp3
iTunes [AAC] version [right-click to download]

Pierre talks about his background as a jazz musician and creator of The Maïdo Project, the influence of ethnic music on the Paris scene, and the difficulties of getting recognition in a city known for its overwhelming arts scene. Includes five great tracks from the Maïdo Project.

You can learn more about the Maido Project at their MySpace website—check it out!

The Maido Project currently has two albums: "Electric Blue" and "Safran." You can buy their music at iTunes or at fnac. Please give them your support and buy their tracks.

Merci beaucoup à Pierre pour l'interview.


Track 1:
MoShang/Tafubar "The Wicked Thoughts of You (MoShang Asian Space Mix)," from the album "Asian Variations- Various Artists Remixed by MoShang"

Track 2:
Polifonia Visual, "Jupiter Funky," from their album D//01 on the Konfort netlabel

Track 3:
CDK (remixer), "Sunday Night Fog," available through ccMixter.org

Track 4:
Grains of Sound, "Surrounder (club mix)," from their album "Rays of Life (volume 1, downtempo)," available for sale through their website

TRack 5:
Two Loons for Tea, "Sunset Room," from their third album, "Nine Lucid Dreams," available for sale through iTunes

Track 6:
Liquid Frame, "Ride Away (ambient Mix)," from their album "Constance," available through Jamendo.com

Track 7:
The Incognito Traveller, "Chaleur," from their "Incognito Traveller EP" on the Konfort netlabel

Track 8:
DJ BLUE, "Hear Me (feat. 21 Pele and Tacet)," from ccMixter.org

Track 9:
Ambrish, "Stegerwald," from the compilation "Azaad - E," available for sale through Chillom Records

Downtempo Podcast 14

AAC (iTunes) version (right-click to download)
MP3 version

Episode 14 of "Expand Your Musical Horizons" kicks off with an artist in Taiwan who goes by the name of MoShang. He's released an album called "Asian Variations (Various Artists Remixed by MoShang)," which, as the name implies, features MoShang remixes of a number of talented electronica artists.

Next, we move onto a nujazz/downtempo track from an ensemble known as Polifonia Visual. They're based in Tokyo, but released through a netlabel in Mexico called Konfort.

A couple of remixers from ccMixter are featured in this episode: cdk from Canada, and DJ Blue from the USA.

We've got more tracks from newly released albums, too: "Surrounder (club mix)" from the Grains of Sound release "Rays of Life, Volume 1 (downtempo)," which you can buy from their website; "Sunset Room" from the album "Nine Lucid Dreams" from Two Loons for Tea; and "Stegerwald" from Ambrish, which is one of the featured tracks on a new compilation from Chillom Records in India called "Azaad - E."

But that's not all. We've also got a track from Liquid Frame in Italy called "Ride Away (ambient mix)" and a great track from The Incognito Traveller (thanks for the recommendation, Bextravagant!) called "Chaleur," which is also released on the Konfort netlabel in Mexico.



Track 1:
Flux & Vega, "Menudencias," from their release "Flux & Vega," on the Konfort Records netlabel

Track 2:
Calm Be, "Mover," from their release, "Impressions," on the Sofasound netlabel

Track 3:
Andromeda Island, "Sarazenen," from the release "Cafe Uranus" on the Sofasound netlabel

track 4:
genox, "Budapest Homeboy," from "Selected Works: 01-02," in the internet archives

track 5:
Kondencuotas Pienas, "Sidabrine Dykuma (Apelsino Kosmaras)," from the compilation "Red Planet, Volume 2," internet archives

Track 6:
Steffan Coonan, "Slow Motion," thanks to the Podsafe Music Network

track 7:
Cri-Kong, "Floripondia," from the release "Hash Oil" on the Konfort Records netlabel

track 8:
CDK "That Sound (keep on smokin' mix)," from ccMixter.org

track 9:
The Kirbi, "Jungle Law," from the release "Anonymous Synonym"

track 10:
Mosaik, "Rubik," from the album "Rubik," mono211.com

Downtempo Podcast 15

AAC version (iTunes, enhanced) (right-click to download)
MP3 version (for everyone else)

Yay! More chilled-out tracks. This time we start out with a nice latin flavor -- a track from Flux & Vega, released on the Konfort netlabel. Then on to another latin-infused track -- this time from Calm Be, from the Sofasound netlabel. Then, another Sofasound artist: Andromeda Island. Don't ask me why I haven't played one of Thorsten Jungbluth's tracks before ...they're so great. Then, another one of my favorites is back: genox, with an "oldie but goodie." Following that is a Lithuanian artist named Kondencuotas Pienas, whose track, "Sidabrine Dykuma (apelsino kosmaras)" can be found on a complilation called "Red Planet Volume 2." You should check it out on the internet archive.

Then another one of my favorites: Steffan Coonan. Following that is another wonderful artist from the Konfort netlabel, Cri-Kong. And CDK is back with another sneaky, lo-fi remix called "That Sound." Following that comes Kirbi, from the Russian Federation, and we wrap things up with a longtime net artist from mono211.com: Mosaik.

Enjoy! The next episode I'll be swapping places with Andreas of XtraChill...so don't miss it!



Track 1:
Subtronix, "Tron"

Track 2:
Musetta, "Standing by My Side," from their upcoming album, "Nice to Meet You," on Irma Records in November

Track 3:
Lovespirals, "Dream Remix" (remix by Bitstream Dream, featuring Anji Bee)

Track 4:
EgoScope, Traveling," from the album "Urban Exploration"

Track 5:
Caban, "Cardenal 4"

Track 6:
Frank Mackie, "Dream Stereo," from the album "TEN"

Track 7:
Mavro, "Love Light," from the album "World Apart"

Track 8:
Charlie North, "Flying Home," from the album "Find Your Own Space," available on iTunes

Track 9:
StarKlounge, "From Day to Day"

Track 10:
Marcus Zelonka, "Destination Moon (Featuring Darrin C. Huss)," from the album "Honeymoon Suite, Vol 2, " on www.diventa.de

Downtempo Podcast 16
Hosted by Andreas Schneider of "XtraChill" and "XtraChill Intensiv"

AAC version (iTunes, enhanced)
MP3 version (everyone else)

Andreas Schneider and I switch places for this episode. Andreas hosts episode 16 of "Expand Your Musical Horizons," featuring artists he's played on "XtraChill" and that I haven't yet played. And I do the same....I host episode 13 of "XtraChill Intensiv" and feature 10 artists whose tracks were played on this podcast but were never played before on XtraChill.

Andreas starts out with a track from Subtronix, "Tron," and follows that with Musetta, from Italy, with "By My Side." Then he delights us with Anji Bee's ensemble, Lovespirals, and the track "Walk Away (Bitstream Dream Remix)." Following that is Egoscope from Germany with "Travelling."

Continuing with more artists who are new to Expand Your Musical Horizons, he introduces us to Caban, from Mexico, with "Cardenal 4," and warns us that you can only buy his albums in Mexico! So enjoy his music in this podcast. Next comes an XtraChill favorite, Frank Mackie, with "Dream Stereo," and another, Charlie North, with "Flying Home." But there's more: Mavro, with "Love Light," and StarKlounge from France, with "From Day to Day." And last, but definitely not least, is a track from Marcus Zelonka, "Destination Moon (featuring Darrin Campbell Huss)."

Thanks, Andreas!

If you're looking for me, I'm hosting an episode of XtraChill Intensiv for Andreas, which features some of the tracks you love, including The Maido Project, ASHWAN, The Svengali Project, CDK, Sumergido, Gum, Madstyle, Cargo Cult, Koan, and Peacespeakers — tracks featured in previous episodes. Download episode 13 from iTunes under "XtraChill Intensiv."

tracklist (links to come soon):

track 1:
ledenhed, "Mother Nature," from the album "Central Nervous System," available from iTunes, CDBaby, or his own website

track 2:
Sound Capsule, "Sweet Pastures," from the album "Enter the Sound Capsule," available from CDBaby.com

track 3:
PolyGroovers, "Mon Chaton," from the album "Moods for Take Out," available on iTunes or from CDBaby

Track 4:
The Warheads, "Pull the Trigger," from the album "Bandit Queen," available from their website

track 5:
DJ Delivery, "Into the Darkness," from his upcoming album

track 6:
Alloy Trex, "Groove Assassin"

track 7:
General Fuzz, "Reflective Moment," from the album "Cool Aberrations," available on his website

track 8:
Fuzzpod, "Crystal Memories," as yet unreleased. See CDBaby.com for his album, "Fuzzy."

track 9:
Under, "Keep on Moving," from their EP "Under," available at iTunes or CDBaby.com. Thanks to the Podsafe Music Network!

track 10:
Karmacoda, "Firefly," from their Album, "Evidence," available at iTunes

track 11:
Artemis, "Fountain of Life," from their album "Gravity," available from Magnatune.com

Downtempo 17 - San Francisco episode

AAC (iTunes, enhanced) right-click to download
MP3 (for everyone else)

It's about time I showcase some of the great downtempo, trip-hop, and psyambient artists in my own neighborhood, San Francisco.

Many thanks to the San Francisco artists and scenemakers who contributed to this episode: the amazing talented ledenhed, the scenemakers Sound Capsule (DF Tram and DJ Xan-X of ambi-sonic fame), PolyGroovers (who are also featured in a new compilation from Epiphyte Records, "Test Press SF 2007"), The Warheads, the mysterious DJ Delivery, the supercharged grooves of Alloy Trex (who should have an album, but don't!), the generous General Fuzz, the eurochilled sounds of Fuzzpod, the understated, elegantly trip-hopping Under, Karmacoda (apologies for playing the same track as in episode 8, but it's still great, isn't it?), and the fabulous Artemis.


Electrix, Spicy Sand. Please check out his website and Musicload.de for more information on how to buy his music!

track 2:
The Kirbi, "Fairy Tale," from "The Trembling of the Turbid."

track 3:
Polifonia Visual, "Paralelos," on the Konfort Records netlabel.

track 4:
Cubik and Origami, "The Real Estate," from their album "Cubik and Origami," available for sale on iTunes and Amazon.

track 5:
CDK, "October: In the End Mix (featuring Calendar Girl)," from ccMixter.org.

track 6:
Melou,"Sweet Love," from their album "Communication." See buying info on the right.

track 7:
Sonic Deviant, "Pendahl," thanks to the Podsafe Music Network

track 8:
Beats Antique, "The Lantern," from their album "Tribal Derivations," available for sale at Amazon and music shops with good taste!

track 9:
Vate, "Marimba," from the album "Volk," available on Jamendo.com

track 10:
Matthias Springer, "Slow Motion," from the Mechanik EP on Gargan Records netlabel in Germany

Downtempo 18

AAC (iTunes, with album art)
MP3 version (everyone else)

This episode features a few favorites and a few artists new to Expand Your Musical Horizons. We're starting out with Electrix, from Berlin, Germany, and a track called "Spicy Sand." Electrix is in the process of releasing his album "On the Rhodes" for sale online at venues like Musicload, and hopefully soon, iTunes, so please support him! Next, we have The Kirbi, from Russia, with "Fairy Tale," a track from a net release titled "The Trembling of the Turbid." Following that is "Paralelos" from Polifonia Visual in Japan—a track from their album released on the Konfort Records netlabel.

Track 4 introduces a San Francisco combo known as Cubik and Origami, with "The Real Estate," from their self-titled album (for sale on iTunes). Following that, another track from one of my favorite remixers, CDK (from Canada) with "October (in the end mix), featuring Calendar Girl."

Then: meet Melou, a group that began in Guatemala and has members from all over the world, but who now live in Barcelona, Spain. Their highly acclaimed track, "Sweet Love," is from their album "Communication."

"Sweet Love" (mp3)
from "Communication"
(Whatabout Music, LLC)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Napster
Buy at Rhapsody
Stream from Rhapsody
More On This Album

Then comes a track called "Pendahl," from an artist named Shane Hendricks in the USA, who also goes by the name Sonic Deviant. This track is thanks to the Podsafe Music Network.

But there's more. Another great music ensemble from the San Francisco Bay Area makes their debut here: the popular Beats Antique, from Oakland, California, with their track "The Lantern." Following that is multi-talented Vate, from Mexico/Spain, with "Marimba." And finally, we introduce a German electronica artist named Matthias Springer, who released his EP, "Mechanik," on a German netlabel known as Gargan Records.



Track 1:
Solar Sound Network, "800 Jahre Dresden"

Track 2:
Peresvet, "Sy(Part 2)," from the release "The Sense of A," on the Vorbic netlabel

track 3:
Mr. Moods, "Sensuality," from the album "In Love We Trust...and We Hate," from the Dirtybird Rexx netlabel

Track 4:
TraumWelt, "And So Do I," from the release "Sleepwalker," on the Vorbic netlabel

track 5:
Samovar Tea Lounge, "Rumah Dunia," from the release "Tea Lounge Groove," for sale on BeatPick records

Track 6:
Monophobic, "Escape," from the "Autumn Leaves" EP on the Dirtybird Rexx netlabel

Track 7:
Lush Logic, "Headphone Sanctuary," from the album "Lush Logic," available for sale at Beatpick.com

Track 8:
The Slowdowns, "The Land of the Midnight Sun," from the Subliminal EP, on the Dirtybird Rexx netlabel

track 9:
Nils Hoffmann, "Sweet Man Like Me," from the release "Kurz und Klein" (release brq 036) from the Broque netlabel in Germany

Track 10:
Granlab, "Abendläuten," from the compilation "Spaetsommerkollection," (brq 035) from the Broque netlabel in Germany

Downtempo 19

AAC (iTunes)
MP3 (everyone else)

This episode features 10 artists new to this podcast series. It starts out with a "Cafe del Mar"-type vibe, with Solar Sound Network's "800 Jahre Dresden." Then we get a little more intense with Peresvet's "Sy(Part 2)," on the Vorbic netlabel. Following that is Mr. Moods, with "Sensuality," from his release on the Dirtybird Rexx netabel. Another artist from the Vorbic netlabel, Traum:Welt, offers the deeply electronic "And So Do I."

Moving into a little world fusion, we chill out to Samovar Tea Lounge (the same name as the tea lounge in San Francisco), with "Rumah Dunia." This comes from the label Beatpick in the UK, and you can buy it there. (Note: similar to Magnatune, 50% of the sale goes directly to the artist.)

Next comes Monophobic, another Dirtybird Rexx netlabel artist, followed by Lush Logic (more goodness from Beatpick), followed by a fun track, "The Land of the Midnight Sun," from the Slowdowns (Dirtybird Rexx). Then we go into a retro swing/beat-infused track, "Sweet Man Like Me," from Nils Hoffmann, on the Broque netlabel, and we wrap up with Granlab's "Abendläuten," from a compilation called "Spaetsommerkollection," also on broque.de.

It's been a fun episode of rich electronic grooves! See you next time...


Junoon, "Ghoom," from the album "Parvaaz" at Magnatune.com

track 2:
Blue Tribe, "The Way of Sakayama," from the album "Deep Buddha," available for sale at iTunes, Amazon, and more.

track 3:
Kenshirosahn/Salem Lab, "Dark City"

track 4:
Solar Cycle, "Silver Lights," from the album "Silver Lights," Magnatune.com

track 5:
Alloy Trex, "RXable"

track 6:
Traumwelt, "That Sinking Feeling," from the album "Sleepwalker," on the Vorbic netlabel

track 7:
Four Stones, "Night is a Place," from the album "La Vie Chill," Magnatune.com

track 8:
CDK, "Open Your Eyes (in the name of love)," thanks to ccMixter.org

track 9:
Federleicht, "Boogaloo," from the EP "A Boat and the Sea," Broque netlabel

track 10:
Killer Bees Attack Tokyo, "Revolution Solution"

Downtempo 20

AAC (iTunes)

This episode starts off with a powerful track from Junoon, from Pakistan. They're a wildly popular electro-fusion ensemble in Southeast Asia. Their track is followed by Blue Tribe's "The Way of Sakayama" to stay in the electro/fusion mode.

Deep BuddhaBlue Tribe
"The Way of Sakayama" (mp3)
from "Deep Buddha"
(Ultraviolet Productions)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at eMusic
Buy at Napster
Buy at Rhapsody
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon
Buy at GroupieTunes
More On This Album

Then we have a real treat...getting into a more jazzy/ambient headpspace with a track called "Dark City," a collobaration between two musicians from Lyon, France: Kenshirosahn and Salem Lab. Following that is a track from Solar Cycle's newly released album on Magnatune, called "Silver Lights." That's followed by San Francisco's Alloy Trex, who made their debut on this podcast in episode 17.

Then, everyone liked the Traumwelt track so much in episode 19 that I've included another track from the same Vorbic netlabel release here in this episode. That's followed by another Magnatune artist, Four Stones, with "Night is a Place." Then comes my favorite remixer, CDK, with another brilliant remix released on ccMixter.org: "Open Your Eyes (in the name of love)."

To continue expanding your musical horizons, we move on to Federleicht, an ambient artist on the Broque netlabel in Germany. And we wrap up this episode with a newly formed duo, Killer Bees Attack Tokyo, and their smoky, trip-hoppy track "Revolution Solution." Thanks for listening!



track 1:
Solar Fields, "Blue Light," from the album "Reflective Frequencies," Ultimae Records. Buy on iTunes or www.ambient.us.

track 2:
Planet Boelex, " Last Stone," from the "Misplaced EP." Check out their website or find them on mono211.com

Track 3:
Béla Banhegyi, "Az Egiek"

track 4:
Ghostfriend, "Moist," from the album "Oxycanta," Ultimae Records

track 5:
X-tralounge, "Seashore"

track 6:
Jef Stott, "Saracen," from the EP "SoukSonic," Six Degrees Records. Buy on iTunes.

track 7:
Michael Dean, "Mount Veeder"

track 8:
Sudaka, "Play"

track 9:
Freifall, "Pure Sensual Kiss"

track 10:
The Maïdo Project, "Jon"

Downtempo 21

AAC (iTunes enhanced version)
mp3 (for everyone else)

This episode features some deep ambient tracks from Ultimae Records artists Solar Fields and Ghostfriend. Ultimae is an excellent label out of France that features deeply atmospheric, chilled-out soundscapes and beats and has a large libary of groundbreaking releases. Please check out their website, and to start appreciating Ultimae and their artists, I recommend buying one of the Fahrenheit series CDs.

We also have a knockout world-fusion track from longtime musician Jef Stott, who's signed a contract now with Six Degrees Records, but who's been making music for a long time with different groups, such as Stellamara.

And there's lots more music in this episode from independent artists that you should get to know. From Sweden, we have a lovely ambient track from Planet Boelex....affiliated for a long time now with Mono211.com. From Hungary, we have Béla Bánhegyi, with a lovely orchestral electronic soundscape. From Argentina, we have X-tralounge, with the lovely "Seashore." From the San Francisco Bay Area, we have a funky groove from Michael Dean, who is releasing an album in 2008.

We have two mystery artists: Sudaka, and Freifall, both of whom are giving their music away on music download sites but who don't seem to have websites so we can get to know them.

And finally, from Paris, we have a beautiful low-key track from one of our favorite artists, the Maido Project. (Be sure to listen to the interview with Pierre Baillot of the Maido Project in this podcast series if you enjoyed this track.)

Chill out and relax...


Track 1
Ihor Synenko (Ukraine) "Breathe, " from the album "Zen," on the Gargan netlabel

Track 2
Modul (Russian Federation) "Complete" (Madstyle remix)

Track 3

Superbus (Hungary) "Stick," from their Debut album on the Sojus Records netlabel

Psyrok (UK) "The Difference Between Silence and Lies," buy from CDBaby.com

Darkroom, aka Mactonite (USA) "Breaking Apart (featuring Kaer Trouz)"

Soulace (Germany?) "Lullaby"

Abra Moore (USA) "After All These Years," from her album "On the Way." See purchase info, opposite.

audiomesh (Germany) "Algo de Vida (cinematic remix)"

Damiak (USA/Mexico) "Tepid Coat," from the album "Micalavera"

DJ Fab (France) "Nova Spes"




Downtempo 22

AAC (iTunes, enhanced)

Episode 22 uploaded the weekend of 02-03 February. We started with a wonderful track from Ihor Synenko, whose album "Zen" is distributed on Gargan Records, titled "Breathe." Hooray for the netlabels and their excellent artists!

We follow that with the amazing Modul, whose track "Complete" is remixed by the equally amazing artist, Madstyle, from the Phonocake release of remixes of "Complete," available for download at phonocake.org.

That track is followed by one from Superbus, who's been on "Expand Your Musical Horizons" before. After that comes a dreamy psy-pop-electro track from the amazing Psyrok in the UK. Check out his album at CDBaby.com.

We have two remixers from ccMixter in this episode: Darkroom, also known as Mactonite--who's from the USA -- and audiomesh, from Germany. Enjoy their tracks (5 and 8, respectively)

Soulace is here with their track that from the Mixtape compilation on Germany's Sofasound netlabel. What a great track...where are they now?

Abra Moore, an indie musician as well as an actress in several films, shares her track "After All These Years" with us, which is available from Sarathan Records at these outlets, below.

On The WayAbra Moore
"After All These Years " (mp3)
from "On The Way"

(Sarathan Records)

Buy at
Buy at
iTunes Music Store
Buy at
Barnes & Noble
Buy at
Buy at
Buy at Rhapsody
Buy at
mTraks Download
More On This Album

Damiak's track (9),"Tepid Coat," is from his album "Micalavera." Thanks to my colleague, Josh, who introduced me to Damiak...I knew immediately when I heard this track that I wanted to include it in this episode.
And finally we conclude with a track from DJ Fab in France, who releases music with the netlabel Gargan Records. This track came from DJ Fab's website, and I'm not sure if it's a Gargan release or not, but please check out his work.



track 1
Kirsty Hawkshaw, "Parallax," from "The Ice Castle" - buy it at www.magnatune.com

track 2
Sine, "Dreamin'" from the EP "Cross That Line" www.sine-music.com

Track 3
Renu, "Hydrogen Sunshine," from "Hello, How Are You?" on the Archaic Horizon netlabel

track 4:
Karuan, "Dunya," from "Dohuki Ballet" - buy at iTunes, Amazon, Soul Seduction

track 5:
Merging Moods, "Odd Thoughts," from the "Obscured" EP, Dirtybird Rexx netlabel

track 6:
Bradata, "Dead Steps," from the "Dusty Beats Vol 1" compilation, Dusted Wax Kingdom

track 7:
Langoth, "Droit Devant (radio edit)" from the "Droit Devant" EP - buy at iTunes, Amazon, Soul Seduction

track 8:
Mabafu, "Cubana," from the album "Bahia Aleman," sofasound.de netlabel

track 9:
BeOne, "Showdown," from the album "Showdown," sofasound.de netlabel

track 10:
StarKloungE, "Nuanced," from the album "Swarm Box," buy at www.airtist.com

Downtempo 23

uploaded 18.02.2008

[still updating!]

iTunes version (AAC, with art and links)

We start off this stunning episode with an ambient track from the legendary Kirsty Hawkshaw, who just released a solo album of her compositions called "The Ice Castle" on Magnatune.com. So please visit her page there and support her by buying her album!

We follow Kirsty with another lovely ambient track from Sine (producers Thomas and Jochen Hauser), from their soon-to-be released EP, "Cross that Line."

Then we showcase a couple of great artists from the Sunshine Enterprises label in Vienna: Karuan, and Langoth. Many thanks to Ioda Promonet for making these tracks available. Now please go buy their music on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, or from Soul Seduction!

Dohuki BalletKaruan
"Dunya" (mp3)
from "Dohuki Ballet"

(Sunshine Enterprises)

Buy at eMusic
Buy at Rhapsody
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon
More On This Album


Droit DevantLangoth
"Droit Devant (Radio Edit)" (mp3)
from "Droit Devant"

(Sunshine Enterprises)

Buy at eMusic
Buy at Rhapsody
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon
More On This Album

We feature netlabel artists Renu (Archaic Horizon), Merging Moods (Dirtybird Rexx), Bradata (Dusted Wax Kingdom), Mabafu (Sofasound.de), and BeOne (Sofasound.de, now signed with Tron Records).

Finally, we have the supercool StarKloungE from France, with a track from his album "Swarm Box" on CCT Records.

Hope you enjoyed this episode...remember to support these artists! See you next time...


track 1:
The Slowdowns, "Mums the Word," from their "Subliminal" EP on the Dirtybird Rexx netlabel

Track 2:
Mihaile, "Higher," from the "Dusty Beats" compilation from Dusted Wax Kingdom

Track 3:
Cyclotron, "Cine-ma'tic," from the "Ready Bill, Ready John" release on the Phonocake netlabel

track 4:
CDK, "Purifying" featuring Kristin Hersh, a remix from ccMixter.org

track 5:
Gillies, "Echo," a remix from ccMixter.org

track 6:
The Kirbi, "Radio Passenger," from the release "radio Passenger"

track 7:
Confused Man, "Intro(spection)" from the release "Floating Deluxe," on the Sofasound netlabel

track 8:
DAF, "Empty," from the Laverna netlabel

track 9:
Abyssal Plains, "When raven claws the sky," from the compilation "Moon," on the phonocake netlabel

track 10:
Gigi Masin, "Goodbye, Panama," from the release "The Last DJ," on Laverna.net

Downtempo 24

uploaded 10 March 2008

AAC file (iTunes)

still updating links!

More stunning downtempo, trip-hop, ambient, and other sophisticated electronica from independent artists who distribute their work on the internet.

You've already heard some of these artists on previous episodes of Expand Your Musical Horizons— so welcome back to some favorites: The Slowdowns, in Finland; CDK, in Canada; The Kirbi, in Russia; and Confused Man, in Germany.

But some artists are new here: Cyclotron, from Germany; Mihaile, from Bulgaria; Gillies, from the UK; D.A.F., from Russian Federation;, Abyssal Plains from the UK; and Gigi Massin, from Italy. Relax and enjoy this episode that's solely dedicated to netlabels and remixers!

Please visit their websites, get to know their work, and give them your support.


Special Interview: Downtempo 25

Interview with DJ Delivery in San Francisco, featuring a special mix

AAC (iTunes version)
MP3 (everyone else)

This episode features DJ Delivery, who tells the story and the inspiration behind the featured mix that you'll hear: a dark fusion of ominous soundbites, downtempo, trip-hop, and drum-and-bass. Think "MK Ultra," and listen to the interview to find out why.

1. SINE - "Slowjam," from the "Cross that Line" EP, available for sale on iTunes

2. PEACE ORCHESTRA (Peter Kruder) - "The Man, Part One," from the album "Peace Orchestra" on G-Stone Records, available for sale on Amazon and iTunes

3. THE FRIENDSHIP TRUST - "Keeping Things in Check," from the album "An Interest in Technology"

4. AES DANA - "Skyclad (High Frequencies version)," from the compilation "Fahrenheit Project Part One," from Ultimae Records.... available for sale on iTunes and Amazon

5. BHASMANTAM - "Ichikawa-shi, chiba" from his EP on the Laverna.net netlabel

6. KOAN - "Priceless Diamonds," from the "Fulfilled Wish" EP on the Sunstation netlabel

7. ITP - "Lose Your Illusion Part II" from their album "Lose Your Illusion"

8. PSYROK - "Soma (2006)" from the EP "Psyrok"

9. ACIDHEAD - "Time is Gone," from the album "Time is Gone," on the Dharmasound netlabel.

10. CITIZEN CRANE, "Stress," from the "Mystical Forces" EP on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel

11. GROOVE INC., "ELIPSE," from the album "Under Hypnosis," on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel.

Downtempo 26

AAC (iTunes version)
MP3 version

uploaded 01 April 2008

links updated soon!

This episode begins with another nicely chilled track from Sine, in Germany...from their EP "Cross That Line." Please check out their EP in the iTunes Music Store.

Then...we go back to 1999, to a classic downtempo album that helped to define the genre....Peace Orchestra (Peter Kruder) and the track "The Man, Part One." Thank you to Ioda for making this track available in this podcast....now here is where you can buy it:

Peace OrchestraPeace Orchestra
"The Man Part One" (mp3)
from "Peace Orchestra"
(G-Stone Recordings)

Buy at eMusic
Buy at Rhapsody
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon
Buy at GroupieTunes
Buy at mTraks Download
More On This Album

Next comes a cool track from The Friendship Trust in Canada...please check out their website! 

You might remember that we had some music from Ultimae Records in episode 21. Well, we have more epic soundscapes from Ultimae...this time the amazing Aes Dana, with "Skyclad."

Many of the other tracks in this episode are from some of the best netlabels on the web: Bhasmantam, Koan (who has been on this podcast several times before), Acidhead, Citizen Crane, and Groove Inc.

"Expand Your Musical Horizons" also welcomes back Psyrok from the UK (who was in episode 22). Please buy his album from CDBaby. And -- also new to this podcast --we're delighted to present a very chilled-out track from dance-music artists ITP in Israel!

tracklist links to come!

1. SINGLE CELL ORCHESTRA -- Deep in It (Instrumental) ...buy it on iTunes

2. MUSETTA -- Handful of Dust remix

3. SPINMEISTER -- Tu Corazon (unplugged) (from ccMixter.org)

4. PAROV STELAR -- Faith (featuring Odette Di Maio)....buy at iTunes or Amazon

5. FODOR BALAZS -- Everyone Has Another Life

6. ANDROMEDA ISLAND -- Green Garden
7. SINTEMU -- Breeze

8. MERLUNE -- Foreign Sense

9. PARAGON BLACK -- Kourakan Prayer

10. LOVESHADOW -- "EPITAPHE: Naked in Cannes" (from ccMixter.org)

Downtempo 27

uploaded 21 April, 2008

AAC file (iTunes version)

MP3 file (everyone else)

This episode kicks off with Single Cell Orchestra, with a track called
"Deep in It (Instrumental)," from his album "Celldom V2: Arc," released on Cyberset Records, and which you can buy on iTunes, Amazon, and more.

Celldom V2:ArcSingle Cell Orchestra
"Deep In It" (mp3)
from "Celldom V2:Arc"
(Cyberset Music)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at eMusic
Buy at Rhapsody
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon
Buy at mTraks Download
More On This Album

Then things get a little bit loungey with Musetta's "Handful of Dust Remix," which was in a compilaton called "Absolute balance," released on the Dharmasound netlabel...so check that out.

Two remixers, who share their work on ccMixter, are featured in this episode. Track 3, a lovely latin track (Tu Corazon), is from Spinmeister. And the last track, "Epitaphe-Naked in Cannes" is from Loveshadow.

Parov Stelar is featured in track 4 with the stunning track, "Faith"...guaranteed to stick with you long after this podcast is over. Please check out all of Parov Stelar's releases for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and Soul Seduction.


Seven And StormParov Stelar
"Faith feat. Odette Di Maio" (mp3)
from "Seven And Storm"
(Etage Noir Recordings)

Buy at eMusic
Buy at Rhapsody
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon
More On This Album

Several artists from the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel in Bulgaria are featured in this episode: Fodor Balazs, of Hungary, Merlune, in Switzerland, and Paragon Black, in Israel, who offers a mesmerizing piece that's artistic and poetic.

Track 6 features another track from Andromeda Island on another of my favorite netlabels, Sofasound (in Germany).

And track 7 features a talented electronica artist in Italy named Sintemu, who's released an album titled "Travel Gum" on Electronic Eel Records.

Travel GumSintemu
"Breeze" (mp3)
from "Travel Gum"
(Electronic Eel Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Rhapsody
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon
More On This Album


Episode 27 is one for the archives...download....put your feet up...and enjoy.


1. KAYA PROJECT - 65 Percent (buy at iTunes, Amazon, Ambient.us, etc.)

2. KILN - Fyrepond (buy from Amazon)

3. AXIOTRONIC - Esteban was Eaten (buy from Amazon, iTunes)

4. SOUND CAPSULE - Cosmophelia (buy from CDBaby.com)

5. ALESSANDRO PINTUS -- Snowonwindow (download from internet archive: archive.org)

6. LIQUID ZEN - Hyper Tension (buy from www.magnatune.com)

7. DREAMERION - ...And She Starts with Death (download from www.jamendo.com)

8. IZMAR - Walking (download from archive.org)

9. MOOSEFROG - You Don't Know it Yet (download from download.com)

10. NEMANJA LAZIC -- Modula (download from www.vorbic.com)

11. SILENCE - Sale (download from www.jamendo.com)

Downtempo 28

uploaded 07 May 2008

AAC (iTunes, enhanced)
MP3 (everyone else)

This episode kicks off with an Interchill artist that you probably already know and love: Kaya Project (thanks to Ioda Promonet!), with "65 Percent." This is from the album "Elixir," and if you don't have it by now....buy it from Amazon, iTunes, www.ambient.us, or some of these links:

ElixirKaya Project
"65 Percent" (mp3)
from "Elixir"
(Interchill Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at eMusic
Buy at Rhapsody

More On This Album

Then we move on to the slow electronic grooves of Kiln, with "Fyrepond, from their album, "Dusker." They're followed by the melodic synthesizers of Axiotronic, with "Esteban was Eaten," from his album "Yellow Cocktail Music," both of which you can buy on iTunes.

"Fyrepond" (mp3)
from "Dusker"
(Ghostly International/SMM)

Buy at Rhapsody
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at GroupieTunes
Buy at mTraks Download
More On This Album

Yellow Cocktail MusicAxiotronic
"Esteban Was Eaten" (mp3)
from "Yellow Cocktail Music"
(Electronic Eel Records)

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More On This Album

Then we get a return visit from Sound Capsule, two savvy DJs from San Francisco, whom you met in episode 17. Enjoy this track, "Cosmophelia," from their album "Enter the Sound Capsule."

Following that is Alessandro Pintus, with "Snowonwindow," which you can download from Kahvi.org or the internet archives.

Next comes Liquid Zen, who's also been on this podcast before. This dreamy track, "Hyper Tension," is from his album "Oscilloscope," which you can buy online from Magnatune.com.

This episode also features two artists from Jamendo.com: Dreamerion (track 7) with "...And She Starts with Death," and Silence (track 11, who is from Belgium...not France, as I announced in the podcast!) with "Sale."

And we feature three wonderful tracks from artists who distribute some of their music on netlabels: Izmar, with "Walking" (Mono211.com), Moosefrog, with "You Don't Know it Yet," and Nemanja Lazic, with "Modula" (from the Vorbic netlabel). Thanks to everyone for sharing this great music...now be sure to give the artists, and their labels, your support!





1.Asturiaz: "Can't Sleep," from the compilation "Sympathy for Indonesian Music Industry, vol 1," from oneLoop Records

2 Klangstein: Ganz Leise -- buy at iTunes

3 Wu:m - "Neo," from the compilation "Sympathy for Indonesian Music Industry, vol 1," from oneLoop Records

4 Mr. Moods: "The Birds," from the album "In Love We Trust...and Hate," from the DirtyBird Rexx netlabel

5 PolyGroovers: "Seven Voices" (from the album "Moods for Take Out") -- buy from iTunes

6 Lovespirals: "Motherless Child (Karmacoda remix)" from the "Motherless Child" EP -- buy at iTunes

7 Two Loons for Tea: "Consuela" (from the album "Nine Lucid Dreams") -- buy from iTunes

8 Sunburn in Cyprus: In the Sunshine (apres beach mix)

8 Serakina: Weekend's End (CDBaby.com and jamendo.com)

9 Solaris Musici: Cloud 9 (excerpt)

10 Electrix: "The Experience," from his album "On the Rhodes"

Downtempo 29

uploaded 24 May, 2008

AAC file (iTunes, enhanced with pictures and links)
MP3 version (everyone else)

This episode features tracks from two artists whose work is featured in a compilation from an Indonesian netlabel called oneLoop. We start out with the dreamy track from Asturiaz titled "Can't Sleep," which somehow reminds me a bit of Sigur Rós, and that's a good thing. Track 3 is from another Indonesian artist on that compilation, Wu:m, with the track "Neo," which begins very chilled out, but introduces an undercurrent of tension and dissonance near the end. Please check out oneLoop, Asturiaz, and Wu:m on MySpace.

Klangstein joins us in this episode with a gorgeous track called "Ganz Leise," featuring the vocals of Sylvia Gerlach. Klangstein is with the German label 1cc Records, which has a number of wonderful chillout artists, and he also has a website where you can learn more about him.

Mr. Moods is back from Canada with another nice track from his album "In Love We Trust...and Hate," from the DirtyBird Rexx netlabel. You heard Mr. Moods in episode 19.

And San Francisco's PolyGroovers are back again with another great track from their album, "Moods for Take Out," which you can buy from iTunes. You heard the PolyGroovers in episode 17, the San Francisco episode.

Next...who can resist Lovespirals? Thanks to the podsafe music network, I got my hands on this wonderful track of Lovespirals' "Motherless Child," remixed by Karmacoda, who've also have been in this podcast before. The track is from a Lovespirals EP called -- what else? -- "Motherless Child EP," which you can buy from iTunes.

Two Loons for Tea are back in this episode with another great track ("Consuela") from their album, "Nine Lucid Dreams" (Sarathan Records), which you can buy on iTunes.

For the first time, we've got a Sunburn in Cyprus track in "Expand Your Musical Horizons." This track, "In the Sunshine (après beach mix)" is through the Podsafe Music Network. But you can buy more of the music of Sunburn in Cyprus from iTunes.

Next, we have Serakina from Switzerland with the relaxing track "Weekend's End," which I got from jamendo.com, but which you should buy from CDBaby.com to give him your support.

Track 9 was a fun, deep groove from Solaris Musici (USA ) with "Cloud 9," an excerpt of a longer track by that name. Check out his MySpace page, too, for news of when his music will be available for sale and for info on his live performances.

And finally, we have another lovely track from Electrix, who's been on this podcast a few times before. Please give him your support by buying his "On the Rhodes" album from iTunes.

That's it for this episode! We have another really great one already lined up for June 2008.



1. MIHAILE: "Polegnala e pshenitza" (www.myspace.com/mihaill)

2. ¡DELA DAP: "Dela Paji, feat. Leonsia Erdenko" (www.deladap.com) from the album "Dela Paji" BUY: iTUNES or AMAZON

3. DJAYPEE (Jean-Pierre Lantieri): "Capoeira" (www.omproject.com)

4. IHOR SYNENKO: "Summer Moon," from the album "Zen" (www.garganrecords.com)

5. MERLUNE: "Deeper" (www.dustedwax.org)

6. BRADATA: "Just Chillin'" (www.myspace.com/bradatazona)

7. CARDAMAR: "Root Escape," from the album "Where the Skies End" (www.cardamar.com)

8. CARDINALE: "Everything is a Medium" (www.myspace.com/cardinalejakarta)

9. AETHYR ZEPHYR: "Aethyr Zephyr" (www.myspace.com/aethyrzephyr)

10. SABSIDIAN: "Trail in the Forest" from the "Inspringtive" EP (www.konsum-productions.com)

11. EXPERIENCE DELUXE: "Aloha Lounge" (www.myspace.com/experiencedeluxe)

Downtempo 30

uploaded 17 June 2008

AAC (iTunes file)
MP3 version (everyone else)

This episode starts off with a nice, heavy beat from Mihaile, whose music you heard in episode 24 of "Expand Your Musical Horizons" on a track from the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel. This track is called "Polegnala e pshenitza," and if I find out what that means in English (or another language), I'll let you know.

This is followed by ¡Dela Dap, an ensemble that's drawn worldwide attention to Balkan beats, and they've released a couple of wonderful albums and EPs on Chat Chapeau Records. Thank you to Ioda Promonet for allowing me to share this track with you! Here's some buying information:


Dela Paji!Dela Dap
"Dela Paji feat. Leonsia Erdenko" (mp3)
from "Dela Paji"
(Chat Chapeau)

Buy at eMusic
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More On This Album

Next, we have a track from DJAYPEE—a French composer who now lives in Malaysia—and the track "Capoeira." Please visit his website to hear more of his great music.

Ihor Synenko, Merlune, and Bradata have all been featured in previous episodes of this podcast. You know Ihor from his release, "Zen," on the Gargan Records netlabel, and Merlune and Bradata are both affiliated with the netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom in Bulgaria.

I'm honored to include a track from the wonderfully talented Cardamar on track 7: "Root Escape," from his album "Where the Skies End." Please check out the Cardamar Records website to hear more of his music and the other artists on the Cardamar label—artists such as Marco Torrance, Easily Embarrassed, and Xerxes— and to learn where to buy some of these releases.

Next, from Jakarta, Indonesia, we have a track from Cardinale. It was featured on the same compilation as some tracks that you heard in episode 29: "Sympathy for Indonesian Music Industry, vol 1," on the OneLoop netlabel.

Aethyr Zephyr follows with a track by that same name, which you can download from download.com, but please give them your support by buying their EP online.

Track 10 is from Sabsidian, who I learned about thanks to Starfrosch. Sabsidian released a Creative Commons-licensed EP called "Inspringtive" on the Konsum-Productions netlabel.

And finally, the last soothing track was from Experience Deluxe in Germany, called "Aloha Lounge." That should get you properly chilled enough to face any day.

Till the next time....



1. AOR AGNI, "Dream Machines II" (from www.jamendo.com)

2. SUNBURN IN CYPRUS: "Life," from the album "Feng Shui Rescue" (buy from iTunes or Amazon.com)

3. VIOLENT PUBLIC DISORDERAZ, "Perfect Chill" (Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel)

4. TOSCA, "Busenfreund (Dzihan and Kamien dub) from the album "Suzuki in Dub" (buy from iTunes, Amazon, or www.soulseduction.com)

5. PAROV STELAR "Joseph" (www.etagenoir.com) Buy his music from iTunes, Amazon, or Soul Seduction

6. FREIFALL, "I do (ode to vanessa mae)"

7. SABSIDIAN, "Back to Square One" (from the EP "Inspringtive, on the Konsum-Productions netlabel)

8. SINE, "La Baja," from the upcoming album "Cool Off Chillout" (www.sine-music.com)

9. DJAYPEE: "Geisha" (www.omproject.com)

10. SaReGaMa: "Amani," from the album "Samadhi" (www.jamendo.com)

Downtempo 31

uploaded 07 July, 2008

AAC version (iTunes, with photos and links)
MP3 version (everyone else)

This episode starts out with an unusual ambient track from aoR aGNi in France. With an undercurrent of an ominous-sounding swarm, it emits upbeat electronic tones and beats while seeming somehow to convey imminent danger at the same time. The track, "Dream Machines II," is from the EP "Dream Machines," which you can download from Jamendo.

From there, we settle into a pleasantly dubby track from Germany's Sunburn in Cyprus, with "Life," from the album "Feng Shui Rescue," which you can buy online from iTunes or Amazon.

Next comes a very non-violent sounding, chilled track from Bulgaria's Violent Public Disorderaz, released on one of my favorite netlabels (Dusted Wax Kingdom). The track is called "Perfect Chill," and it is...really.

Dipping into the modern classics...and thanks to Ioda Promonet....we've got a classic Vienna-styled downtempo track for you with Tosca's "Busenfreund (dZihan and Kamien dub)." If you don't know Tosca's music yet, you should...go check out their releases on iTunes, Amazon, or the wonderful online music shop in Vienna, Soul Seduction...and if you do have their music already, I'm sure you'll enjoy hearing it on this podcast.

Suzuki In Dub (Continuous Mix)Tosca
"Busenfreund (dZihan & Kamien Dub)" (mp3)
from "Suzuki In Dub (Continuous Mix)"
(G-Stone Recordings)

Buy at eMusic
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More On This Album

Next, we have an unreleased track from one of my favorite artists, the talented Parov Stelar, who kindly gave me permission to share it with you here. The track is called "Joseph," and if you enjoy Parov's music, please get yourself to iTunes, Amazon, or Soul Seduction to buy some of his tracks and give him your support. In addition, check out his label page ...Etage Noir Records.

Following that, we have another wonderful track from the mysterious Freifall--who appeared in episode 21--and who I am unable to track down, but who shared some of these tracks online via Starfrosch and other MP3 download sites. This track is called "I do (Ode to Vanessa Mae)," and if any of you know how to contact Freifall, please let me know.

Not to rush you, but you might be tired of reading: the next three tracks are all from artists whom you've heard before in these podcasts: Sabsidian (Germany), Sine (Germany), and DJayPee (Malaysia). All great stuff...many thanks to these artists.

And finally, we wrap up with a track from SaReGaMa ...who graciously distributes his music online and lets us listen to it via Jamendo or his own blog. Relax and enjoy...

There's more to come. Episode 32 is already planned out. Please contact me if you're a downtempo, ambient, trip-hop, chillout, nu-jazz, or fusion artist and you'd like to be included in a future episode! You know who you are...



1. EAT STATIC: "Holy Stone," from the album "Back to Earth." Buy from iTunes, Amazon, or other online resellers.

2. AZHRAK - "Below the Arctic Ocean" -- download from www.jamendo.com

3. XERXES - "Can You See This?" from the album "The Mirror Formula." Buy from www.cardamar.com, iTunes, CDBaby.com, or Amazon.

4. SERAKINA - "Friday's Lounge," from the album "Serakina" -- download from www.jamendo.com

5. BEN OTHMAN - "Arabica," from the album, "Arabica" -- download from www.jamendo.com

6. SINQ - "Infectious," from the EP "xncosq + ynsinq," which you can download from www.sinq.org

7. KLANGSTEIN - "Echzeit," thanks to the Podsafe Music Network. Please support Klangstein by buying his music through iTunes.

8. SVEN KLITSCH - "In My Mind," thanks to the Podsafe Music Network. Please support Sven by buying his album, "Voyage," from iTunes.

9. OCEAN SHIVER - "Autumndreamfall," from the EP, "Ocean Shiver," which you can get from the netlabel Electrosound (www.electrosound.ru)

10. FOSFORO - "HipHopandBack," from the album "HipHopandBack," downloadable from the netabel Laverna (www.laverna.net)

11. SOLARIS MUSICI - "Forever," which will be on an upcoming album from him. Please visit his website, www.myspace.com/solarismusici, for details.


Downtempo 32

uploaded 1 August 2008

AAC (iTunes file)
MP3 (everyone else)

This episode is over one hour of ambient and downtempo tracks.....and it starts out with a new track from Eat Static, thanks to Ioda Promonet. If you're a fan of Eat Static's earlier work, you won't be disappointed.

Back to Earth...Eat Static
"Holy Stone" (mp3)
from "Back to Earth..."
(Interchill Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

Then we shift into one of the many gorgeous electronica tracks in this episode...first, with Azhrak's "Below the Arctic Ocean," released on Jamendo.com to enthusiastic listeners who want more from this artist.

This is followed by Xerxes, of Norway, who often has given his music away under a creative commons license, but who also signed his album "The Mirror Formula" with the wonderful Cardamar Music label. You heard some of Cardamar's own music in episode 30.

Two more artists from Jamendo.com follow....Serakina, whom you've heard here before, and now Ben OThman, with the very laid-back loungey "Arabica."

Some of you might have already heard the music of SinQ, but if not, enjoy his track, "Infectious," which you can download from his website. This track is followed by one from Klangstein, who's been featured before in this podcast as well as in the XtraChill podcast. Klangstein, who's based in Germany, sells his music online through iTunes, so please give him your support.

Then...enjoy the music of Sven Klitsch. The track you here in this episode was made available through the Podsafe Music Network, but Sven also has an album for sale online through iTunes, "Voyage." The track here is not on that album, but if you like what you hear, please buy more of his tracks!

Everyone who listens to these podcasts knows that I like a lot of the music coming from Russian Federation, so in this episode, we have Ocean Shiver, who released an EP on the Electrosound label in that country.

And finally, we finish up this episode with two lovely tracks...one from Fosforo, in Italy, and the other, from Solaris Musici in the USA. Musici tells me that this track, "Forever," will be on his upcoming album, which should release later this year.

See you next time....the next podcast is already underway....A+, DJ Cary


1. SHOTO, "G Soul," from the "Dusted Beats Volume 2" compilation, Dusted Wax Kingdom (www.dustedwax.org)

2. VIOLENT PUBLIC DISORDERAZ, "Sadness in Square," from the album "Sadness in Square," Dusted Wax Kingdom (www.dustedwax.org)

3. LIQUID STRANGER, "From the Sky," from the EP "Subsonic Soil" (www.archive.org or www.kahvi.org)

4. THE KIRBI, "All that Above the Shadow Trees," from the album "Mannequins" (www.thekirbi.com)

5. TOKYO507, "Zanzibar," from the album "Tokyo507" (buy from www.magnatune.com)

6. PFL, "Une Derniere Cigarette," from the album "Something to Say" (buy from iTunes)

7. HOMELESS BALLOON, "Turkish Delight," from the album "Travel in Silence" (buy from iTunes)

8. THE EXTREME, "Sooner or Later (the Extreme Chillout Remix, featuring Trifonic)," (download from www.ccmixter.org)

9. ASCENSION, "Tanto Ruido (Dark, featuring SilviaO)" (download from www.ccmixter.org)

10. DEGIHUEGI, "Une femme compliquee" (download from www.jamendo.com)

11. REFLECTIV, "Green in the Ash, part II," from the album "Songs for Stillness" (buy from their website at www.reflectiv.net.au)

12. BEN OTHMAN, "Voyage Vs. Chamma," from the album "Arabica" (download from www.jamendo.com)

Downtempo 33

uploaded 18 August 2008

AAC file (iTunes version)

[More track information and artist links to come soon!]

This episode starts out with a couple of downtempo/trip-hop tracks from artists who release on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel...first, Shoto, with "G Soul," followed by Violent Public Disorderaz, with "Sadness in Square."

This is followed by a track from Liquid Stranger, who've released some of their music on the Interchill label. This track, "From the Sky," is from a creative commons release that you can find online and download from the Internet Archives.

The next track is from The Kirbi, who've been in several previous episodes of this podcast. The Kirbi is in Russian Federation, and they distribute their music online through different netlabels. This track is from their newest release, "Mannequins."

Tokyo507 is one of the newer artists featured on Magnatune...and track 5 is from their self-titled album that you can buy from Magnatune.com.

Many thanks to PFL for sharing their track, "Une Dernière Cigarette" with us. This track is from their album, "Something to Say," which you can buy from iTunes.

And thanks, also, to Homeless Balloon for including "Turkish Delight" (track 7), from his album "Travel in Silence," which is also for sale on iTunes. I discovered this track through Last.fm and heard it for the first time on my iPhone! Homeless Balloon has three other albums for sale, so if you like this track, please give him your support.

Next comes two tracks from remixers who are part of the ccMixter community: The Extreme, and Ascension. As I mentioned at the end of the podcast, The Extreme was also featured in an episode of XtraChill Intensiv.

You'll hear two tracks from musicians who share their work on Jamendo.com: Degiheugi, from France (track 10) and Ben Othman, from Tunisia (track 12).

And enjoy the track from Australia's Reflectiv (track 11), which you can buy direct from their website.


1.ZENIX - Halazium (from the netlabel compilation "Breathe")

2. MYTHEMATICA- Dangling Talisman

3. TRACING ARCS - Babydoll (just chillin' mix) - from the album "fin-remixes and lost children" ...download from Jamendo.com

4. DJ ANSWER - Forgiven (from the album "French Train" - download from Jamendo.com)

5. RARE - Harder (from the "My Early Beats EP" -- Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel)

6. SERPHONIC - "Continued" (from the album "Inspiration" - download from jamendo.com)

7. GRAPES - "waht" (download this remix from ccMIxter.org)

8. NEUROWAXX - "Downtempo Groove" (download this remix from ccMIxter.org)

9. MERE MORTALS - "Etcetera" (from the album "Sanctuary" on Interchil Records. Buy from iTunes, Amazon, etc.!)

10. IZMAR - "Weird Friend" (from the "Conscious" EP....download from Monotonik netlabel)

11. AES DANA - "Gatewick (vinyl airport delay)" -- from the album "Season 5" on Ultimae Records in France. Buy from iTunes, Amazon, etc.!

Downtempo 34

uploaded 15 September 2008

iTunes version (artwork, bookmarks, links)
MP3 version (everyone else)

Episode 34 is another stellar example of the finest in chilled out, ambient, downtempo grooves. Eleven artists around the world are featured in this episode, starting with ZeniX in Greece, with the track "Halazium," which was released in a compliation called "Breathe." Check out www.breathe-comp.com for more information.

Many of the artists heard in this episode haven't been in this podcast before, and they're all excellent. The following artists are new to "Expand Your Musical Horizons:" Mythematica, in the Czech Republic, Tracing Arcs in the UK, DJ Answer in Serbia, Rare in Hungary, Serphonic in Germany, Grapes and Neurowaxx in the USA, and Mere Mortals in Romania, which I must thank Ioda Promonet for supplying for this podcast. Here are the details:

Sanctuary: A Shanti Mix From The Interchill GardenMere Mortals
"Etcetera" (mp3)
from "Sanctuary: A Shanti Mix From The Interchill Garden"
(Interchill Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at eMusic
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Buy at Rhapsody
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Buy at GroupieTunes
Buy at mTraks
More On This Album

And two other great artists in this episode have appeared before here: Izmar, in Holland, who became known first through Mono211.com and Internet distribution of his work.

And we end with the incredible work of Aes Dana, who's released several epic, powerful, ambient-chill albums through his label, Ultimae. Please visit www.ultimae.com for more information on some of the amazing releases from this label.

Thank you to everyone who was in this episode!

1. PFL - Rise and Fall (Julia Messenger, vocals)
2. PFL - Les Histoires (Betty Lagachette, vocals)
3. PFL - Sweetest Sound (Valeska Jakobowicz, vocals)
4. JAKE PALAND - Jungle Rock
5. JAKE PALAND - Don't Think Twice

All PFL tracks are from the album "Something to Say" (buy from iTunes). Jake Paland's tracks are from "Santa MoonRay Jungle" compilation.

Special Interview episode: Jake Paland of PFL

uploaded 21 October 2008

AAC file (includes artwork, links, and markers)

In London in October, 2008, I met with guitarist/electronica artist Jake Paland in a restaurant and we talked about his music as a solo artist and with PFL, as well as our observations about the music industry. Included are five tracks (three with PFL, two solo). Learn how Jake works with his music partner, Felix Wolter, to create PFL's music while they're living in separate countries.

jake in london

Coming soon: another chilled-out mix!

1. Star (from the album "Island Lover")
2. Lost in Dreams (from the album "Lost in Dreams")
3. You Light My Mind (fromthe album "Island Lover")
4. Karma (from the album "Lost in Dreams")

All tracks and albums available for sale on iTunes and Amazon.com.

Special Interview episode: Lazy Hammock (aka Lucie Burns)

uploaded 4 November 2008

AAC version (iTunes version, includes artwork and links)

Second interview in London. I chatted with musician and DJ Lucie Burns, also known as Lazy Hammock. We discuss her musical path--from childhood through singing on Afterlife's Simplicity 2000" release, to her solo work as Lazy Hammock.

She's also a DJ, and after this interview was finished, she started a gig on Tuesday nights from 8-9 p.m. on Tonic FM (internet) radio in France.

Stay tuned: you'll be hearing more from Lazy Hammock. Sony and other labels are picking up some of her tracks in their upcoming compilations. She also releases her music through Diventa in Germany. Lazy Hammock is working on a new album for the coming year, so stay tuned!

Lazy Hammock

1. DJ ANSWER- City (from the album "French Train" on Jamendo.com)

2. SUNBURN IN CYPRUS - Could Have Been Love (from the album "Feng Shui Rescue" -- buy from iTunes or Amazon)

3. THROWING SNOW - Majesty (from the compilation "Dusted Beats, Volume 2," from the netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom)

4. STRANGE ZERO-- Twin Eyes (from the album "Blue Trees, 7 Miles," on Jamendo.com)

5. HOL BAUMANN - Breathe (from the album, "Human," from Ultimae Records. Buy from iTunes, Amazon, ambient.us, Psyshop, Ultimae, etc.)

6. FEATHER DRUG - Timeless (from the album "Nuages synthétiques," on Jamendo.com)

7. ALEX (ccMIXTER) - Improvisation on Friday (feat. the 7 a.m. Association) (download from ccMixter.org)

8. BICHI - Yoga (from the compilation "Popular is Wrong," on the Plataforma-LTW netlabel)

9. PascaleB - Voyage (from the album "Nuance," on Jamendo.com)

10. LIQUID CRYSTAL - Baja Mar (www.myspace.com/liquidcrystalsound)

Downtempo 35

posted 10 November 2008

iTunes format (AAC)
MP3 (everyone else)

There's plenty of orchestral chillout in this episode. You'll hear plenty of lush strings and synths and piano, with lovely chilled beats behind them. You'll even hear some lovely sounding spanish guitar.

We start out with a gorgeous track from DJ Answer in Serbia. You heard one of his tracks in episode 34. Then we pick up the pace with a jazzy track from Sunburn in Cyprus...one you'll be humming long after this podcast is over.

We've got three more artists from Jamendo in this episode: Strange Zero (from Greece), Feather Drug (from France), and PascaleB (also from France). You might find yourself dreaming happily to their music.

Two artists in this episode release their music on netlabels: the trip-hoppy Throwing Snow (Bulgaria) was on a Dusted Wax Kingdom compilation, and Bichi (Denmark) had his track on a compilation on a Spanish netlabel, Plataforma LTW.

Alex, a remixer from Belgium, put together the lovely instrumental track, "Improvisation on Friday" and put it on ccMixter.

Hol Baumann (France) is an artist from the Ultimae record label in France. Thank you to Hol and Vince and everyone at Ultimae for letting me include this track, one of my favorites from his album "Human." Ultimae is NOT a netlabel, so please go to your favorite music seller online and buy his music...or any of the artists on Ultimae.

And finally....Liquid Crystal (Russia) with his track, "Baja Mar." I found out about Liquid Crystal because he posted a note on Last.fm, and I found his MySpace website and begged him for a track. So thank you, Alex, for letting me share it here!


1. METRICKS & GAIABEAT - "The Hip" (hear it on Last.fm)
2. BITTER:SWEET- "Waking Up," from the album "Drama" (Buy from iTunes, Amazon, etc.). Thanks to Ioda Promonet!
3. ORGANIC DESPAIR - "James," from the album "Marasme" (Jamendo.com)
4. SUHOV - "Clear," from the album "Sympahty Modul" (Budabeats.com)
5. SEBTEIX - "Groova patata," from the album "Tout pour le Groove" (Jamendo.com)
6. CROOKRAM - "A Day in the LIfe (featuring INC), from "19/76" (Budabeats.com)
7. CARDAMAR - "Final Scenery" from the album "Where the Skies Fall" (www.cardamar.com)-- buy from iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, etc.
8. Crackle Creations - "Eros," from the EP "Eros" (Kahvi.org)
9. SWEEPING LOGIC -"Window Screen Cinema," from "Headache Laxative," (download from Last.fm)
10. SPIRAL INTO THE STORM - "A Futile Veneer," from the album "A Futile Veneer" (buy from Decibel Palace's website, iTunes, eMusic, Juno, etc.)

Downtempo 36

uploaded 27 November, 2008

AAC version (iTunes, graphics)

This episode starts off with some high-energy beats, thanks to Metricks & Gaiabeat.

Their opening track is followed by Bitter:Sweet, thanks to Ioda Promonet.
Music Provided by IODA Promonet

"Waking Up" (mp3)
from "Drama"

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Rhapsody
Buy at Napster
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Puretracks
Buy at GroupieTunes
Buy at mTraks
More On This Album

Then we get into some serious trip-hop with Organic Despair, whom I found on Jamendo....and a nice, slightly mellower follow up from Suhov, with his track "Clear," released on Budabeats Records.

Sebteix, another Jamendo artist, changes the mood with some bossa-infused guitar, and then we shift gears again for some hip-hop with an orchestral background, in Crookram's "A Day in the Life."

Shifting back again into the purely instrumental and with some very laid-back beats, we follow up with one of my favorite artists, Cardamar, and his track "Final Scenery." Please check out his label's website, which features his own music as well as some other great artists, like Xerxes, and some excellent mixes you can listen to, as well.

Then we have a lovely track called "Eros," from Crackle Creations, followed by Sweeping Logic—who I discovered through Last.fm, and finally, Spiral into the Storm, with the title track from his album on Decibel Palace Records, "A Futile Veneer."

TRACKLIST - episode 37
1. SAPIENS FX - Rest in Space (from "O.M.C. Compilation volume 1" - www.jamendo.com)
2. RHODESCREEN - Rhodescreen Island (from "Chillbar" - Sine Music - buy from iTunes after December 18, 2008)
3. THE EXTREME - Sunrise Chillout Remix - feat. Shannon Hurley (www.ccMixter.org)
4. ZEROPAGE - Clear View on Tempel 1 (from "Ambient Pills," www.jamendo.com)
5. ZEN LEMONADE - Lotus Eaters (from "Polymorphic Convolutions" - buy from iTunes)
6. SUR - Zarja (from "Na Jug," www.jamendo.com)
7. BLACK ERA - Fulcrum (from "....then..." www.jamendo.com)
8. SERAKINA - Hanging Chill'n (from "Infinity," www.jamendo.com)
9. STRANGEZERO - My Last Minute (from "Delusional Disorder," www.jamendo.com)
10. MICHAEL DEAN - Eternal (see Michael's MySpace page: www.myspace.com/michaeldeanvibe)

Downtempo 37

uploaded 15 December, 2008

iTunes (AAC) version

Apologies to StrangeZero and to early listeners of episode 37....I forgot to include "My Last Minute" as track 9 in this episode. I will be adding this track and reuploading it by 20 December. It's a great track, and I hope those of you who listened to this episode already will download it again....

"We all make mistakes"....this was one that I want to fix.

Now for the details: from Jamendo, we've included a lot of great new tracks in this episode. Sapiens FX is the name of the German artist who released "Rest in Space" on the "O.M.C. Compilation, vol 1," and Zeropage, from Switzerland, offers "Clear View on Tempel 1," from their "Ambient Pills" release. SUR (from Slovenia, Black Era (from Italy), Serakina (from Switzerland) and StrangeZero (from Greece) also offer their music through Jamendo.com.

Rhodescreen, from Germany, is one of the artists featured on the newest Sine Music compilation "Chillbar," which just released in December, 2008, and is for sale on iTunes and other online resellers. The Extreme, also from Germany, has several albums out on his own, but the track included here ("Sunrise Chillout Remix") was a remix that he offered on ccMixter.org.

Michael Dean isn't affiliated with any label (yet), but he has some wonderful compositions that you can hear on his MySpace page.

And finally, Zen Lemonade is included in this episode thanks to Ioda Promonet. The track included in this episode, "Lotus Eaters," is from a commercial releae called "Polymorphic Convolutions," which you can buy from iTunes.

Polymorphic ConvolutionsZen Lemonade
"Lotus Eaters" (mp3)
from "Polymorphic Convolutions"
(Electronic Soundscapes)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at
Buy at Rhapsody
Buy at Napster
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon MP3
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More On This Album




1) SOOFYYA -- Lost Mind (from the album "Desire," www.jamendo.com)
2) FAUNA -- Dreamless (from "Have You Ever Talked to Angels?," www.jamendo.com)
3) TRYAD -- The Rising (from "Public Domain," www.jamendo.com)
4) ART YENTA -- The Rising (from "Landing," www.jamendo.com)
5) THE WARHEADS --Enfant (from "Sans Merci," www.thewarheads.com)
6) AMANYTH -- What I Hear (from "Demo," www.jamendo.com)
7) ZENIX -- Totem (from "Breathe 02," www.breathe-comp.com)
8) JAMES MURRAY -- Empty Spaces (from "Where Edges Meet," buy from www.ultimae.com)
9) ZWEIGEIST -- Ante Portas (from "O.M.C. Compilation Vol. 1," www.jamendo.com)
10) -MAZE- -- Memories (from "Blue Heaven," www.jamendo.com)
11) SANTAH -- Gandharvaloka (from "One Day of Brahma," www.jamendo.com)

Downtempo 38

uploaded 31 December, 2008

AAC file (iTunes, with links and pics)
MP3 file (everyone else)

Hi, fellow chillers. I've been spending a lot of time on Jamendo.com, listening to music and finding exciting artists that you might not know yet, so I can include them in these shows.

This episode includes a number of artists who happen to share their music on Jamendo: Soofyya (from Switzerland), Fauna (Russian Federation), Tryad (USA, U.K., and elsewhere), Art Yenta (France), Amanyth (France), Zweigeist (Germany), Maze (Hungary), and Santah (Russian Federation). I encourage you to go to Jamendo and stream their music, download their tracks, and give them your support.

In addition, I've included a couple of other tracks in this episode that are NOT from Jamendo...Zenix, from Greece, who was featured in a previous episode. His track, "Totem," was on the netlabel compilation "Breathe 2."

The Warheads come from San Francisco. I first heard them on the wonderful "Soilsound Chronicles" podcast a few years ago. Their music has evolved over time, and the track included in this episode was from a soundtrack for a vintage French movie.

Last, but not least, was James Murray (UK), whose track "Empty Spaces" was from his new release, "Where Edges Meet," on the wonderful Ultimae label in France. If you enjoyed this track, please buy it from iTunes or directly from Ultimae.

Thanks for listening! A new episode is coming soon.


1. TRYAD - Witness (from "Public Domain," www.jamendo.com)
2. FAUNA - 14th Floor (from "Have U Ever Talked to Angels?" www.jamendo.com)
3. BEN OTHMAN - Hamammet (from "Lounge Café Tunis 'Intellectuel," www.jamendo.com)
4. MAZE - The One (from "Blue Heaven," www.jamendo.com)
5. STRANGEZERO - Prologue from an Epilogue (from "The Neverlands," jamendo.com)
6. AMANYTH - A Town Called Kill (from "Demo," www.jamendo.com)
7. SIGNS OF SILENCE - This World (from "An Utopian Dream," www.jamendo.com)
8. ARTHUR OSKAN - Ulysses (from "1995-97| The Auracle Sessions Volume 1," Decibel Palace Records, buy from iTunes or Amazon.com)
9. SPIRAL SYSTEM - T.O.P. (from "In Your Dreams," buy from iTunes or Amazon.com)
10. SAWTOOTH - Beyond the Dunes (remix from www.ccmixter.org)

Downtempo 39

uploaded 01 February, 2009

AAC file (iTunes, with links and album art)
MP3 file (everybody else)

This episode is a full one-hour long, filled with chilled-out tracks that are sonically complementary to each other...some with vocals, but most without. Ten tracks in all, and the first seven feature artists who release their work on Jamendo.com....many whom you've heard in previous episodes of "Expand Your Musical Horizons."

In addition, we've got an Arthur Oskan track from our friends at Decibel Palace records in Canada, a class Spiral Staircase track, thanks to Ioda Promonet, and a lovely remix from Sawtooth, one of the ccMixter crew.

In Your DreamsSpiral System
"T.O.P." (mp3)
from "In Your Dreams"
(Macro Records)

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More On This Album



1. FLUXO - Balança (from "Prévia Do Amanhã, Instrumental Session CD 2," www.jamendo.com)
2. EZ A DIVAT - Nofun Nofun [Crookram remix] (from "Nofun Nofun" EP, Budabeats netlabel, www.budabeats.com)
3. SCARLET HIDEOUT - Instituo-ui-utum (from "Hedocentric," Lo-fi Kiwi netlabel, download from www.archive.org)
4. AYDIO - Deltitnu (from "Deltitnu" EP, Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel, www.dustedwax.org)
5. MABAFU - Proxima Manana (from "Bahia Aleman," Sofasound netlabel, www.sofasound.de)
6. RIGIL - Free to Roam (from "Concertina Heart," buy from iTunes)
7. LAVINIA JONES - Jamais Oubliée [feat Ziad] (from "Lavinia Jones-@ngel" album, www.jamendo.com)
8. SUR - Lahko te cutim (from "Na Jug," download from www.jamendo.com)
9. TRYAD - Empty (from "Listen," download from www.jamendo.com)
10. PIPO PEGORARO - Varal (from "INTRO," download from www.jamendo.com)
11. OMAR ALEXANDER & SOULARE - Abandona El Amor (from "Omar Alexander & Soulare," buy from iTunes Music Store)

Downtempo 40

uploaded 19 February, 2009

AAC file (iTunes, with links and album art)
MP3 file (no album art for the tracks, but same great music!)

This 40th episode is packed with stunning tracks that range from Brazilian jazz to retro beats to trip hop, bossa, and latin fusion. From the very moment that Fluxo starts this podcast -- with a funky Brazilian instrumental groove-- through Ez a Divat's 60s-retro "girl group" sound and Lavinia Jones' French hip hop...to the grand finale with Omar Alexander's emotive, tabla-driven latin soul-stirrer -- you'll find yourself singing, dancing, chilling, and maybe even driving a little too fast sometimes.

This is one episode you'll want to return to again and again!

(Many thanks to Jamendo, Sofasound, Dusted Wax, the Internet archive, Budabeats, Rigil, and Omar Alexander!)

1. AMNIS - Esprit Libre (from "Deuxieme essai," www.jamendo.com)
2. SILVIA O - Te Amare (SilviaO Dry Mix) (www.jamendo.com or www.ccmixter.org)
3. AXIAL - Papaloko (from "Axial, volume 1" from www.jamendo.com)
4. VVSDESIGN - Dawn in the Dark (download from www.jamendo.com)
5. STRANGEZERO - Walking Into Zero (from the "Walking Into Zero" EP, www.jamendo.com)
6. FLUXO - Prévia do Amanhã (from "Prévia do Amanhã," www.jamendo.com)
7. ZEROPAGE - Ambient India (from "Ambient Pills," www.jamendo.com)
8. ECHO SLIGHTLY - You Set Me Up (from the album "Birds Fly South," buy from iTunes or CDBaby.com...artist site at  www.myspace.com/echoslightly, label at www.nonexistent-recordings.com)
9. LAVINIA JONES - Serafime (from the album "@ngel" at www.jamendo.com)
10. TRACING ARCS - Paradise Lost (bitter suite) (from the album "Fin-Remixes and Lost Children," download at www.jamendo.com)
11. AQUILONE - Sonic Line (from the album "Aeleria," download from www.archive.org or from www.muertepop.com)
12, ORPHIDICE - Coming Home (from "Manifesto," www.archive.org, or see the Manifesto compilation at www.mrsvee.co.uk/mrsvee/)

Downtempo 41

uploaded 19 March, 2009

AAC file (iTunes, with links and album art)
MP3 version (same great music, no frills)

Another hour of downtempo goodies, including some laid-back latin, a little bit of cinematic ambient, and some trip hop. It's great headphone music, filled with sonic details that you'll enjoy. You'll hear some favorite artists from previous episodes, like StrangeZero and Tracing Arcs, and you'll hear some artists you haven't heard before in this podcast, like Aquilone (thanks to Muertepop) and Orphidice (thanks to mrsvee in the U.K.).

There's plenty of Jamendo.com tracks in here, so you can easily wheel over to that site and listen to their whole album if you enjoy them. And finally, a special thanks to Non-Existent Recordings for contacting me about the delightfully trip-hoppy Echo Slightly, whose album ("Birds Fly South") is for sale at CDBaby.com and through iTunes.


introduction by DJ Zen, Altar Records
1. ZYMOSIS - Zeta Bieng (from "Air," Altar Records, www.altar-records.com)
2. AQUASCAPE - Vacuum Fields (from "Peace Therapy, volume 3," buy from discogs.com)
3. CDK - ElementS (remix...from ccMixter.org)
4. IOEO - triptrack2 (from "triptracks," www.jamendo.com)
5. MIND OVER MIDI - Imaginary Circles (free download from Last.fm)
6. KALABI - Dandelion (from the album "Dandelion," www.magnatune.com)
7. INTERGALAKTIK SOUND - Liberaton (from "Dub Tentacles vol 1" download from www.fresh-poulp.net)
8. THE EXTREME - Matter of Time, remix with Shannon Hurley, vocals (from ccMixter.org)
9. DEREK OLDMAN - Notch (from "Unidentyfied City," www.jamendo.com)
11. MAX LOGINOV - Secret Island (from "Tunguska Chillout Grooves, volume 2," www.jamendo.com)
11. KLANGSTEIN - DeepDive (from "Cosmic Chill Lounge, Volume 3," SINE music...buy at iTunes beginning on 1 May)
12. INGA AMBROSIA - 5th Dimension (from the album "Abysal Plane," buy at Amazon.com)

altar records image

Downtempo 42

uploaded 12 April, 2009

AAC file (iTunes, with links and art)

Special episode with DJ Zen of Altar Records!

We're going to enjoy an hour of psyambient, downtempo, dub, and other chilled-out grooves. But first, we begin with a brief conversation with DJ Zen, who introduces his new record label, Altar Records. He describes the releases that are still to come in 2009 and 2010 (titled with elements names: "Water" "Fire," "Earth," and "Ether"). Then he shares a Zymosis track from Altar's first compilation, "Air." Immediately following that, we can bliss out on a track from Aquascape, which is on DJ Zen's other newest compilation release on Kagdila Records, "Peace Therapy 3."

The rest of the episode includes favorite ccMixter remixers like cdk and The Extreme, a new track from Klangstein from a brand-new chill release that's coming up from Germany's SINE Music in May, and plenty of artists you haven't heard before on "Expand Your Musical Horizons," like Intergalaktik Sound, Derek Oldman, Max Loginov, ioeo, Kalabi, Inga Ambrosia, and Norway's brilliant Mind Over MIDI.

If you download the podcast, you can link to the artist and music pages while you play it in iTunes. Enjoy....


1. MOVOX - Eternal Memory ("Tunguska Chillout Grooves volume 1," jamendo.com)
2. NEMANJA LAZIC - Reborn ("Daar," www.vorbic.com)
3. STRANGEZERO - Blue Trees, 7 Miles ("Blue Trees, 7 Miles," www.jamendo.com)
4. DREAMKORP - In Va Müla (www.myspace.com/grahamophone)
5. BLACK ERA - The Gift (tongueless) ("Third Eye Guerilla," jamendo.com)
6. FORTADELIS - Ephemeris ("Ephemeris," www.jamendo.com)
7. F.D. PROJECT - Behind the Light ("Mara Tranquillitatis," www.archive.org or www.space-night.de)
8. RIDDIM CONFERENCE - Cool Steppin' ("Dub Tentacles volume 1," www.fresh-poulp.net)
9. MIKA FLANGER - Spring Bells (Blaque Unit remix) ("Well Done" EP, www.tonkultur-berlin.com)
10. ADRIEN AUBRUN - Jump Into My Dreams ("Serenades" EP, buy from iTunes, juno, etc.)
11. MANDRAGORA - Zagramarsh ("Lilith - Tunguska Chillout Grooves volume 3," jamendo.com)
12. AMANYTH - Moan ("Let's Dream to Each Other," www.jamendo.com)

Downtempo 43

uploaded 03 May, 2009

AAC file (iTunes)

Happy May! Put on your headphones—it's time to chill out to more sonic delights in this new one-hour episode of "Expand Your Musical Horizons." You'll hear some artists who've appeared in previous episodes, like Nemanja Lazic (from the Vorbic netlabel), and Strangezero, Black Era, and Amanyth, who distribute their music through Jamendo.

The wonderful new compilation series from Russia's Tunguska Chillout Grooves has so many great tracks to choose from that two more tracks are in this episode: from MoVoX and MandragorA. You can also find these albums on Jamendo.

DreamKorp contributed a beautiful track, "In Va Müla." If you're near Lyon, France in May, they'll be performing at Les Festivals des Nuits Sonores the 22-23 of May.

I'd like to thank Mika Flanger (and Blaque Unit), and Adrien Aubrun, two talented electronica artists, for contributing their tracks to this episode. I've been collecting some of Adrien's own mixes for awhile, so I'm honored to include him in this episode.

Two slightly different ambient artists are in this episode: the jazzy, lush sound of Fortadelis (aka Tomislav Ocvirek), and the soaring ambient guitar of F.D. Project.

And if you enjoyed the dub track in episode #42, here's another great track from the same "Dub Tentacles Volume 1" Fresh Poulp compilation--this time from Japan's Riddim Conference.


1. THE WARHEADS: Kim (from "Vrykolakas Bride," www.thewarheads.com)
2. PAVEL FOMITCHOV: Kama Sutra ("Selena, Tunguska Chillout Grooves vol 3," Jamendo.com)
3. MYSTICAL SUN: 7 Generations (Earth Day 09 mix) (free remix download from www.mysticalsun.com....buy Mystical Sun music online at iTunes, Amazon, etc.)
4. MAIIA: Changing Me (unsigned track. www.maiia.ru)
5. PER LICHTMAN: Oil (from "Liquid," buy at Soundclick.com)
6. SUHOV: Ismeretlen szám (from "Lakótép," download link from www.myspace.com/suhovbeat)
7. DAS KRAFTFUTTERMISCHWERK: Blüte Seines Lebens (from the "Blüte Seines Lebens" EP from Thinner in Berlin)
8. BEN OTHMAN: Sousse vs. Zohra (from "Lounge Café Tunis Intellectuel," Jamendo.com)
9. SERAKINA: Sehnsüchte (from "T(h)ree," download from Jamendo.com

Downtempo 44

uploaded 17 May, 2009

AAC file (iTunes, with graphics)

JRS of the San Francisco group The Warheads introduces this episode and offers the first track: "Kim," from the Warheads' album "Vrykolakas Bride," which you can download from their website. They've been making the scene for a few years and offering a lot of their music online (I first heard them in the groundbreaking podcast "Soilsound Chronicles" around 2005). This track has an easy, tabla beat that should get you in the right mood.

Pavel Fomitchov is one of the talented electronica artists who's contributed some of his music to the popular new "Tunguska Chillout Grooves" series out of Russian Federation. His track, "Kama Sutra," is in this episode.

Mystical Sun has a download on his website of a free remix of a track from his first release ("Deeperworlds," for sale on iTunes), called "7 Generations (Earth Day '09 mix)." For those of you who've followed Mystical Sun for awhile, enjoy. And for those of you who don't yet know his music....welcome.

(DJ) Maiia is from Moscow and I first heard one of her wonderful mixes on the super-chilled eilo web radio station in Bulgaria. So I had to pursue her and get one of her tracks in this podcast. "Changing Me" is an unreleased track by Maiia.

Per Lichtman sells his music through SoundClick. Imagine my delight when I heard "Oil." So I asked him if I could play it here. Please visit his MySpace page or hear him in SoundClick and support his music.

Suhov is a Hungarian artist who distributes his trip hop, hip hop, and other inspired works on the 'net. The link I put in the podcast might not work for everyone and I apologize, so go to his MySpace page to get to his downloads.

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk is a German ensemble who have some of their music on net releases online, including this one., "Blüte Seines Lebens," from the Thinner netlabel in Berlin.

Ben Othman and Serakina have both been on Expand Your Musical Horizons before, and they both distribute their gorgeous music through Jamendo.com. Please visit their websites to learn more about them and listen to their music.

Stay chilled, have a cool drink, and see you soon...there's more goodies to come very soon!

(Intro from Adriana Kaegi)

1. ADRIANA KAEGI - Ooh-La-La (from "TAG," buy from iTunes)
2. MAIDO PROJECT - Vem ca (electro version) (from "Electric Blue" EP, buy from iTunes)
3. PIPO PEGORARO - Butiquim (from "INTRO," download from www.jamendo.com)
4. JALAK (remixer) - Lies (remix of Trifonic) - (download from www.ccmixter.org)
5. DIVASONIC - Processing....Luv (from "Changing Wind," buy from iTunes, Amazon)
6. SUNBURN IN CYPRUS - In the Sunshine (Elektrohandel remix) ** buy Sunburn in Cyprus tracks from iTunes ***
7. ARGONIKA - Do You Hear (From "Lilith- Tunguska Chillout Grooves, volume 3," download from Jamendo.com)
8. LUCRECIA - Like Being Home (from "Music for a .Net Generation," download from the Superssononica netlabel - www.superssonica.net)
9. LAVINIA JONES - Ne-On (from "@ngel," download from jamendo.com)
10. BLACK ERA - My Little Replica (feat. ivan mou) (from "...then..." download from Jamendo.com)
11. DER REISENDE - Stella Idlaviv (from Die Blendenden Lichter dieser Stadt," download from Laridae netlabel ....www.laridae.at)
12. MARCH ROSETTA - Moving Centre (from the "Breathe 03 Compilation," download from www.breathe-comp.com)

Downtempo 45

uploaded 25 May, 2009

AAC version (iTunes, with graphics)

This episode is packed with downtempo-to-midtempo goodies—mostly shorter tracks—to get you feeling energized, yet relaxed, for summer.

We start with an introduction and a brand-new track from Adriana Kaegi, former "Mama Coconut" of Kid Creole and the Coconuts, who's just released a new solo album, "TAG," which you can buy from iTunes. This track, "Ooh-La-La," has such a great bossa/lounge feel to it that it's followed with a couple of brazilian-flavored tracks: Maïdo Project's "Vem Ca (electro version)" and Pipo Pegoraro's "Butiquim."

Then we swing over to ccMixter, where we hear a lovely, chilled remix of Trifonic's "Lies." This is followed by Divasonic's "Processing...Luv," from her album "Changing Wind," which is guaranteed to keep you in a good mood. (This album is for sale on iTunes and Amazon.)

Sunburn in Cyprus just sent a pleasurable Elektrohandel remix of "In the Sunshine," so this track seemed perfect to include in this episode. This is followed by Argonika's "Do You Hear," a track that will make you want to sing along after a couple of listens. It's from the latest netlabel release from Tunguska Chillout Grooves (Lilith, volume 3), which you can download from Jamendo.com and other online sites.

Lucrecia presents the poignant track "Like Being Home," from the Spanish netlabel Superssonica's compilation, "Music for a .net Generation." This track is followed with a slightly edgier track from Lavinia Jones, "Ne-On," which you can find on Jamendo.

Black Era, who releases their music on Jamendo and through their netlabel in Italy, A Quiet Bump, is back again for your listening pleasure. They've just released a new album ("Third Eye Guerilla"), to high praise. In episode #43, you heard one of the tracks from that new release. This one, however, "My Little Replica," is from their previous album, "...then...."

Der Reisende is next, with a track from his release on the Austrian netlabel, Laridae. The track is "Stella Idlavi," from his album "Die BlendendenLichter dieser Stadt." And finally, March Rosetta wraps up this episode with "Moving Centre," from the Breathe 03 compilation from www.breathe-comp.com.

Here's another track from Adriana Kaegi's album (TAG) for you to enjoy:



intro by B from Karmacoda

1. KARMACODA - Make Like Mine (from "Ultraviolet Live" EP, buy from iTunes or Amazon)
2. BALKAN FANATIK - Elment az én rózsám (Zoohacker folk tronic remix) (from the compilation "Mokka Lounge 3," buy from iTunes or Amazon)
3. SYNTHARMONY - Rumbatech (from "RumbaTech," www.jamendo.com)
4. M.W.D. - Trouble Scene (from "Singing Forests," www.budabeats.com, Budeabeats netlabel)
5. CHILL-IST - Pleasure (from "Behind the Scene," buy from Amazon.com)
6. MR. KHALID - Ghebti remix feat. Muhabbet (www.jamendo.com)
7. SHORT_HOPPER - Do it, Bucky, with samples from Shriek Productions (download from ccMixter.org)
8. SOLACE - Nataraja, Basal mix (from "Valdana," buy from Magnatune - www.magatune.com)
9. BEITEGEUZE - Shamar (from "Concorde," download from www.laridae.at, Laridae netlabel)
10. MERLUNE & DAAKOON - Trois Mirroi (from "No Place Like Home," download from www.dustedwax.org, Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel)
11. NAIT - Dreamin' Zeitgeist (from "Addendum of Life," download from www.jamendo.com)
12. ANTONY RAIJEKOV - Lightin (from "See U," download from jamendo.com)
13. FRANCISCO PINTO - Schizandra (from "Warm Milk," download from Pueblo Nuevo netlabel www.pueblonuevo.cl)

Downtempo 46

uploaded 08 June 2009

AAC download (iTunes, with links and images)

Hi chillers. It's another month, and time to listen to more music. This episode is filled with tracks you'll enjoy, both new and older.

We start out with San Francisco's Karmacoda (thanks to B for the introduction), with a track from their EP "Ultraviolet Live," called "Make Like Mine." Buy it from iTunes or Amazon. Karmacoda has several albums that you can buy online, and if you're in San Francisco, check out their live performance listings so you can catch their great, trip-hoppy performances in person.

Then, thanks to Ioda Promonet, we've got a trip-hoppy groove from Balkan Fanatik called "Elment az én rózsám (Zoohacker folk tronic remix)," which is on a compilation called "Mokka Lounge 3."

Mokka Lounge 3Balkan Fanatik
"Elment az én rózsám" (mp3)
from "Mokka Lounge 3"
(Karmatronic Sound Mgmt, LLC)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Puretracks
Buy at mTraks
More On This Album

Also, thanks to Chill-ist in Turkey, for letting me play "Pleasure," which you can buy as an mp3 from their album on Amazon.

Jamendo artists once again are well represented here: the funky rumba of Syntharmony, the soulful Moroccan remix by Mr. Khalid, and the dreamy chill from Nait and from Antony Raijekov. In addition, we have tracks from netlabel releases on Budabeats, Laridae, Pueblo Nuevo, and Dusted Wax Kingdom, represented by artists M.W.D., Beitegeuze, Francisco Pinto, and Merlune & Daakoon, respectively.

Creative Commons pioneers, like ccMixter.org and Magnatune also have artists in this episode: Solace has a belly dancing track, "Nataraja," from their "Valdana" album on Magnatune, and remixer short_hopper has a sweet little fusion remix, just 1:30 in length, that he uploaded to ccMixter.

Enjoy the sun, if you have it, and bring this podcast with you! Here's the link to subscribe in iTunes, if you haven't already.


1. UNDER - Under (from "More Pleasant Grey," buy from iTunes or Amazon)
2. BANGGURU - Andology ((from "Bangtopia," download from the id.eology netlabel, www.ideology.de)
3. ALEJANDRO RUBIO - Proyecto F (from "Paisajes electronicos," download from the Konecktor netlabel, www.konector.org)
4. SONIC MYSTERY - Night game (from the album "Sensual pleasures," download from www.jamendo.com)
5. PER LICHTMAN - Escalation (Gray Day in LA Mix) (from "Escalation," [single] buy from www.indietorrent.org/perlichtman)
6. Q-DAELIC FEAT. GEORG HEKT - Time To (from "Blue Lights" [Live, feat. Outburst], download from the Stigae netlabel in Berlin, www.stigaemusic.com)
7. LEON SOMOV - Butterfly (from "Offline" EP, Sutemos018, download from www.archive.org)
8. AUTO PILOT - sleep (from [brq 047] "auto pilot - lights across the street" e.p., download from the Broque netlabel in Germany, www.broque.de)
9. UMMA PROJECT - Oceania (from "Ethereal [La Noche del Terror Ciego]," buy from iTunes)
10. PSYCHEDELICIOUS - soma (download from www.archive.org)
11. MORITZ - der flughafen (listen to more of his music at www.myspace.com/moritzfrisch)

Downtempo 47

uploaded 22 June 2009

Download the AAC file (iTunes, contains graphics and links)

Intro from Eamonn Flynn of Under

We kick off this episode with an anatomically perfect downtempo track from San Francisco's Under. It's from their new album, "More Pleasant Grey," and it should send you to Amazon or iTunes to buy their album for yourself.

But just to keep you on your toes, things suddenly get mildly edgy with an indietronica track from Bangguru in Portugal: "Andology." Then, back to official downtempo, with Alejandro Rubio's "Proyecto F." This track is followed by Sonic Mystery in Slovenia -- thank you for contacting me! They are sound designers Dejan Bucalo and Urška Rakovec, who've worked for impressive clients around the world and also share their music on Jamendo.com.

Then, we can enjoy to the techno/fusion soundscapes of Per Lichtman, whom you first heard in episode #44. Per has just released a high-energy single, "Escalation," with some impressive remixes, including one from world-renowned house artist Andy Hunter. You'll find these tracks for sale on indietorrent.org.

We've got some other artists who are new to this podcast from different netlabels: Q-Daelic in Germany (from Stigae) and Auto Pilot in the U.K. (from Broque), and two others who release their music through the Internet archives: Leon Somov in Lithuania, and Psychedelicious in Germany.

If you don't know the Umma Project in Colombia, you'll get to know this artist now. His track, "Oceania," is for sale on iTunes.

And we conclude with a lovely track from Germany's Frisch Moritz -- whom I hope will release an album or sign with a netlabel soon.

Enjoy this episode, and send me a note with your feedback!

TRACKLIST, episode 48
Intro from Guillaume of SHINE

1. SHINE - Soulful Music (from the album "The Common Station," buy from iTunes or Amazon)
2. SCREENATORIUM - Addiction (from the EP "Blue Morning," from Jamendo.com)
3. LOST SOUL REFUGE - Black Orchid (from the EP "Black Orchid," download from www.dustedwax.org)
4. WASARU - Old Story (from the album "Prisoner of State," download from Jamendo.com)
5. DI EVANTILE - Storm (vocals by Christiane Karam) (download from his website at www.dieventile.com)
6. PINOCCHIO SP - Last Days (from the compilation "Kapitel 1," download from the netlabel Konsum Records: www.konsum-productions.com)
7. PHOUR TRAKK - Running on Karma (from the album "Slip into Something More Comfortable," from the Id.eology netlabel, www.ideology.de)
8. CHILL CARRIER - Me and My Rocket (from the album "Moving Off Ground," download from Jamendo.com)
9. SHYAM MONK - Orphan's Song (download from Jamendo.com)
10. LEON SOMOV FEAT. JAZZU - Mano (Arclab & Nearth The Parentheses Remix) (from "Offline Remixed" [Sutemos021], download from archive.org)
11. SUHOV - Tinilányok álma (from his album "Lakótép," download through his MySpace page, www.myspace.com/suhovbeat)
12. ATE ONE - I Need A...(from the album "Lost in Beats," download from www.ideology.de)

Released under a Creative Commons license to protect the artists

Downtempo 48

uploaded 8 July 2009

download AAC file (iTunes, with graphics)

This episode is full of trip-hop, soulful grooviness. Starting with an introduction from Guillaume of the popular trip hop ensemble, SHINE, we launch into SHINE's opening track ("Soulful Music") from their album "The Common Station," which you can buy from iTunes, Amazon, and other online sellers. Every track on this album is enjoyable from beginning to end, so I highly recommend that you buy it. Guillaume informs us that they're working on a new album with Terry Reid that should come out later this year. Can't wait!

The beats and grooves continue throughout. There's quite a few Jamendo artists in this episode: Screenatorium, from France, with "Addiction," Wasaru, also from France, with "Old Story," Chill Carrier, from Germany, with "Me and My Rocket," and Shyam Monk, from India, with a memorable and enchanting world groove called "Orphan's Song," that will leave you thinking "how can I hear more from this guy??" It's that good.

The netlabels have solid representation here, as well. The artist Lost Soul Refuge is here with a track from his new release on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel, called "Black Orchid." PinocChio SP from Germany shares a track called "Last Days," released on a compilation on the Konsum netlabel in Germany. Phour Trakk has a totally chilled groove called "Running on Karma," and there's a soulful, sample mashup from Ate One that sounds like Archie Bell and the Drells have arrived in the 21st century, both from the Id.eology netlabel in Germany.

Three more independent artists have tracks in this podcast, and you're sure to enjoy all of them: Di Evantile (also known as Oleg Somov), from Kazakhstan included "Storm," which has some nice breaks in it. (Di Evantile also has several albums for sale on CD Baby, iTunes, and more.) Leon Somov from Lithuania has the Brazilian flavored "Mano (Arclab and Nearth, the Parentheses remix)" with Jazzu. And there's yet another track from the prolific and wonderfully trip hoppy Suhov in Hungary: "Tinilányok Alma."

Enjoy the music. And please support these artists and netlabels by buying ...or licensing ...their music and spreading the word about them: turn it up and let it be heard!


1. SUHOV - Érzékeli (from Lakótép, download via www.myspace.com/suhovbeat)
2. MERGE OF EQUALS - Hoshi No Namida (from "Intoxicating," released on SINE Records....buy from iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, after 24 July 2009)
3. CELESTE LEAR - In the Middle (from "The Echo Inside," buy from iTunes, CDBaby)
4. THE WARHEADS - Track 06 (from "Telstar 18," download from www.thewarheads.com)
5. ELON - Armenian Girl (from "Temptation" - buy from iTunes, Amazon...many thanks to Ioda Promonet)
6. ARTHUR LOVES PLASTIC - Bring in the Night (from "King Shag," buy from iTunes)
7. MASTER MARGHERITA - Koto (from "Hippies with Gadgets," buy from artist at www.mastermargherita.info)
8. ZENGINEERS - Les rites de passage (from "Mental Maps for Large Territories," download from www.ideology.de)
9. PHOUR TRAKK - Spirit Cave (from "Slip into Something More Comfortable," download from www.ideology.de)
10. GUITOUD - Long & Far (from "I & I," download from www.fresh-poulp.net)
11. MUSIC INSIDE - Pic du Midi (from "Outside Forces," buy from www.magnatune.com)
12. ARTHUR OSKAN VS. SPIRAL INTO THE STORM - Sun Squall (from "New York City People" EP, buy from iTunes)

Released under a Creative Commons license

Downtempo 49

uploaded 21 July 2009

AAC file (iTunes, with graphics and links)

Starting with some heavy beats from Suhov, this episode combines some powerful trip hop and vocals with some ambient beats and downtempo grooves, and ends with a midtempo track.

Let's look at some of these tracks. Merge of Equals is the latest artist to emerge with an album from SINE Records in Germany. The album, "Intoxicating," releases on 24 July and you'll be able to buy it from the usual suspects (iTunes, Amazon, and Beatport, for example). I hope you enjoy this track, "Hoshi No Namida," just one of many good tracks on this album.

Celeste Lear joins us with "In the Middle," from her first album, "The Echo Inside." Celeste has two albums for sale on iTunes and through CDBaby, and she's an integral part of Digital Bliss: with Divasonic, she co-produces compilations of women electronica artists. As you might imagine, I like this a lot. Celeste and Divasonic are going to do a special episode of "Expand Your Musical Horizons" in a couple of months.

The Warheads are back with yet another smooth track from their arsenal of great music. JRS tells me that they stopped naming their tracks, so this one is simply titled "06" and it's from their album "Telstar 18," which you can download from their website.

Elon, an Armenian singer who lives now in the USA, is featured here (courtesy of Ioda Promonet) with "Armenian Girl," from his album "Temptation," which is for sale on iTunes and other online sites.

"Armenian Girl" (mp3)
from "Temptation"
(Pe-Ko Records World)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at Rhapsody
Buy at Napster
Stream from Rhapsody
More On This Album

Arthur Loves Plastic, a prolific and talented artist in Washington D.C., is back with "Bring in the Night," from her newest album, "King Shag," which you can also buy from iTunes. Arthur Loves Plastic was in an early episode of this podcast back in 2006, and it's good to have her back.

I'm happy to say that we're also featuring a track from Master Margherita, from his new album "Hippies with Gadgets," which you can buy from him directly through his website. The track is called "Koto." Master Margherita makes a lot of amazing music, both as a DJ and music compiler, and as a performer. Please take notice of his own podcasts. Thank you, Margherita, for your inspiration!

The Zengineers are featured here with a slightly older track "Les rites de passage," from their album "Mental Maps for Large Territories," on the id.eology netlabel in Germany. Phour Trakk, whose track "Spirit Cave" comes up next, is part of the Zengineers lineup.

Guitoud is new to this podcast, but I like his music a lot...this track, "Long & Far," is from his release "I & I" on the wonderful Fresh Poulp netlabel in France.

Music Inside, from Canada, has a track here called "Pic du Midi," which you can buy along with their album from Magnatune.com or some other online sites. Music Inside is made up of two talented and highly accomplished musicians ...listen to the podcast announcements at the end to find out more.

And finally, the midtempo track comes from Arthur Oskan vs. Spiral into the Storm...it's called "Sun Squall," and it's from their "New York City People" EP, which you can buy from iTunes. Thanks to Decibel Palace for this one. (Note: I mistakenly announced in the original version of theshow that this was released through Electronic Eel Records, which is incorrect.)

That's it...keep enjoying your summer and...of course...stay chilled.

TRACKLIST -- 50th episode:

Intro from Andreas Schneider of the XtraChil podcast in Germany (xtrachill.podspot.de)

1. ADULT ONLY - Overlove (download from www.jamendo.com)
2. TIKKI MASALA - Maha Devi Shamboo (unsigned, listen at MySpace.com or Electrobel.be)
3. METASTAZ - Resistance (from the album "Anekoik Pressure," download from the internet archive)
4. MOTOWN JUNKIE - Farlopa Satanica (from the album "More" -- from the Phonotactics netlabel at www.phonotactics.org)
5. JOSZOMSZED (w/SUHOV) - Csak az olvassa (from the album "Az ajtó" -- download from their MySpace page)
6, DEGIHEUGI - Mes nuits tziganes, featuring Ghostown and Nawelle (from the album "The Broken Symphony," download from jamendo.com)
7. PHOUR TRAKK - Sarasvati (from the album "Slip into Something More Comfortable" on the Id.eology netlabel -- www.ideology.de)
8. GEIGERMEISTER -- Slow Groove (from the album "Flabbergasted Smoothies," download from jamendo.com)
9. FLOW INC. - Lost and Found (from the EP "Controlled Variables" on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel ... www.dustedwax.org)
10. CALM BE - Again (from the album "Impressions," download from www.sofasound.de)
11. MAYA DE LUNA - Les ondes de survie (from "Envers et contre toi" on jamendo.com)
12. PAVEL FOMITCHOV - Erotic Dream (from "Selena - Tunguska Chilled Grooves 3," www.jamendo.com)
13. KAPARAO - Ybytyrama (from "Sacred Kaparao part 2," www.jamendo.com)

released under a Creative Commons license

Downtempo 50

uploaded 08 August 2009

AAC version (iTunes, iPod, with graphics)

It's a milestone -- episode #50 -- with 13 horizon-expanding tracks. Let's put on our headphones and celebrate together...

Andreas Schneider of the XtraChill podcast in Germany joins us to introduce the first track, which he chose just for us: Adult Only's "Overlove." Find it on Jamendo.

After the sophisticated chill of Adult Only, we get into some electro fusion: enjoy Tikki Masala (from Belgium) and Metastaz (from France), with "Maha Devi Shamboo" and "Resistance." From there we move into some trip-hoppy beats: Motown Junkie's "Farlopa Satanica," Jószomszéd's gorgeous, soulful "Csak az olvassa," from their new album "Az ajtó," Degiheugi's eclectically epic "Mes nuits tziganes," Geigermeister's "Slow Groove," and Flow Inc's delicately heavy "Lost and Found," from his EP, "Controlled Variables."

Then, with a nod to earlier episodes of this podcast, we include a track from Germany's Calm Be: "Again" -- another classic gem from the Sofasound netlabel, which presented a gold mine of brilliant music circa 2005, but has not been updating its site for awhile.

The last three tracks are some of the many goodies of Jamendo.com: Maya de Luna, with the electro-chanson track "Les ondes de survie," Pavel Fomitchov, with "Erotic Dream," from the wonderful Tunguska Chillout compilation series, and Brazil's Kaparao, with "Ybytyrama," a lovely, soaring track that will leave you feeling really good.

Thanks for listening ... it's wonderful to have 50 episodes online for you to enjoy. Please send me an email to let me know what you enjoy, or what you'd like to hear on future episodes. See you next time!


Intro from Atiim Chenzira

1. DIVASONIC with ATIIM CHENZIRA - Can of Wormz (from "Can of Wormz" EP, buy from http://divasonic.bandcamp.com)
2. SCREENATORIUM - What if (from "Blue Morning" EP, download from Jamendo.com)
3. WEATHER PENDING - Pieces (from their debut album "And How!" - buy from iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby)
4. PHOUR TRAKK (FEAT. SICK-E) - World Behind Your Eyes (from "Detour," download from Id.eology netlabel, www.ideaology.de)
5. SEL-P - By My Side (from the compilation "Tunguska Chillout Grooves vol 2," download from Jamendo.com)
6. ALKA - Blueberry (from "A Dog Lost in the Woods," buy from Amazon, iTunes, etc.)
7. NIM - Telephone Call (from the compilation "Octopus One," download from www.fresh-poulp.net)
8. MAZE - Collaboration (from "X-Centric," download from Jamendo.com)
9. LOST SOUL REFUGE - Banshee (from "Black Orchid" EP, download from www.dustedwax.org)
10. PARA - Component (from "Motion Dub," download from www.aquietbump.com)
11. MANINTHEATTIC - Aztarna (from the "Aztarna" EP, download from www.disboot.net)
12. SOUNDSACHE - Demons and Devils (from the album "Klangwelt," download from Jamendo.com)

Released under a Creative Commons license

Downtempo 51

uploaded 23 August 2009

AAC version (iTunes, graphics, links)

Atiim Chenzira Divasonic & Atiim

Atiim Chenzira opens a "Can of Wormz" for us in this episode by introducing this track about the "push and pull of relationships," which he recorded with Divasonic. You can buy this track at a number of online sites, but we recommend that you use bandcamp. To continue with the theme of relationships, this track is followed by Screenatorium's "What if," Weather Pending's "Pieces" (from their debut album, "And How!"), Phour Trakk's lo-fi "World Behind Your Eyes," and Sel-P's soulful "By My Side."

From there, things get instrumental, with Alka's "Blueberry," NiM's "Telephone Call" (which was on Fresh-Poulp's "Octopus One" compilation), "Collaboration," from -Maze- (on Jamendo.com), Lost Soul Refuge's "Banshee" (from his album on Dusted Wax), a couple of dub tracks: Para's "Component" (from the netlabel "A Quiet Bump" in Italy) and ManintheAttic's "Aztarna" (on the Disboot netlabel in Spain), and concludes with a soaring track from Soundsache in Germany, "Demons and Devils."

The playlists have moved!!!


September 2009

NOTE: I've moved all these playlists to a blog, which will make the new podcasts easier to find and everything more fun to read.

Episode #52, the newest episode, is on the NEW blog with a tracklisting and a link.

September 7, 2009